Daughters and Homecoming and Your Help

Daughters and Homecoming and Your Help

My wife and I have been very fortunate in that we have had no boyfriend/girlfriend drama – either in middle school or high school (why there is even of a possibility of it in middle school is beyond me anyway). We have great kids, and they are very level headed. And they go to a small high school (I don’t know why that matters, but I thought I’d throw it in.)


But high school Homecoming is approaching and I got to thinking that my Junior-year daughter might be asked to it! In the past, she and her friends (male and female) have gone in a group. However, what if this year she gets asked? What should I expect of the boy? What should I ask him? I was thinking of some interview type questions:


Do you like to hunt? (Which would lead to something like: I have a nice gun collection, maybe we can look at it (of course I’m stuck if he says yes because I have no guns).)


How much do you dislike all of those misogynistic rap lyrics? (Am I leading the witness too much there? Of course, if he doesn’t understand “misogynistic,” that could be a negative.)


Did you bring something for me too?


Or maybe have a brief application:


What actors do you like to watch?


a). Leonardo DiCaprio


b). Josh Brolin


c). Daniel Craig


d). John Wayne


(if you choose c or d, you can skip the rest of the questionnaire)


Which college do you plan to attend?
a). A strong local university where I can do ROTC


b). One of the military academies


c). A good Jesuit institution – Pope Francis has really inspired me


d). Hold it, “college” has a “c”?!


(if you answered d, I’m afraid my daughter isn’t felling well)

This isn’t going to work. Maybe you readers can help me prepare for when my daughter gets asked. What should ask of the young man? What should I expect?