Changes are Coming to Tricare/Express Scripts Mail-order Pharmacy Program

Changes are Coming to Tricare/Express Scripts Mail-order Pharmacy Program


Beginning Sept. 1, 2017, Express Scripts will need consent from patients who want to receive automatic refills of their maintenance medications enrolled in TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. Express Scripts will contact TRICARE beneficiaries before their prescription refills expire to determine whether they want their doctor to be contacted to renew the prescription and if they would like to continue in the Automatic Refill program. If not, Express Scripts will not refill the prescription.

When the last refill of a medication enrolled in the Automatic Refill program ships, Express Scripts will reach out to the beneficiary by telephone and/or email (depending on the preference you indicated) and ask the following:

  • Would you like Express Scripts to reach out to your doctor for a new prescription?
  • Do you want to keep your medication enrolled in the Auto Refill program?

Express Scripts will not re-enroll your medication unless they hear from the beneficiary. Ways to respond:

  • Online at
  • Via the automated phone call from Express Scripts
  • By calling an Express Scripts Patient Care Advocate (PCA) at 1-877-363-1303

If Express Scripts does not receive consent within 10 days of reaching out to the beneficiary, they will remove the medication from the Auto Refill program. See this Tricare site for more information.