An eReader With No WiFi?

Think about it. You’re on a Naval submarine for months at a time, with no room for entertainment, your friends and family are hundreds or thousands of miles away back home, and you don’t even have Internet! What are you supposed to do for fun? Mashable has the scoop for us!

The Navy recently commissioned a new e-reader based on a similar device made for the U.S. Army – an electronic reader with no WiFi (enemies could use the Internet capabilities to gain access to the device’s information or even it’s camera), pre-loaded with 300 books from the Navy’s 108,000 title library.

The reading list includes classics, naval history, and even some of the more popular titles like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The best part is the name of the new device, already shipped out to it’s first 365 recipients who will receive them in just a few short weeks. NeRD – Navy eReader Device.