3 Bold Job Search Strategies No One Is Telling You About

3 Bold Job Search Strategies No One Is Telling You About


You did your research, asked many questions, and feel confident you know just what it takes to get your next job. Congratulations on making the effort to educate yourself and prepare for the unknown voyage ahead of you.

Before you plug away at your newly minted task list, I must throw this truth on the table ... You are probably not as prepared as you thought.

I am a proponent of proactive planning and preparation, so don't mistake this as a dig on the quality of your efforts. You probably did a great job with what you had available to you. This truth is based on a few factors most informational sources don't consider.

First, consider the feelings and behaviors of other job seekers.

The national unemployment rate is down to a remarkable 5 percent after several years of elevation. A lower unemployment rate generally means there are fewer job seekers applying to posted positions. Less competition means most qualified job seekers more often will get through the filters. However, the employment scene is changing and might not be following traditional patterns because worker mobility is much higher; people now are changing jobs more frequently.

Also, the past several years of high unemployment rates might have left many people feeling less than optimistic about the job market, so more people are applying for better jobs out of fear and urgency to make a switch before the floor falls out again.

Bottom line, there might not be less competition, so don't be so quick to assume a lower unemployment rate means fewer people will be applying.

Second, consider why your trusted sources might be omitting bold strategies.

Bold strategies have a risk factor much higher than traditional strategies. But I must remind you without risk, there is no reward. If you are comfortable with the probabilities of success for traditional methods, then stop reading right now and move forward with your plan. However, if you are not interested in betting on the odds of making it through the online filter and a speedy review by a set of eyes, especially if you have a situation that makes employers uncomfortable, then it is time to consider alternative approaches.

Is it time to take a bold approach?

I am in no way suggesting these bold approaches (listed below) are right for everyone. I am also not suggesting they are without risk. So, critically think about whether these are right for you and make a decision that aligns with your risk tolerance. I do want you to know about them so you can make an informed decision!

#1) Skip applying online all together... at least for now.

If you know employers are uncomfortable with some form of your story, then you might be more effective if you network your way into your job. Build a relationship with your desired employer, get them to love you, and give them the opportunity to develop a positive impression of you — before they ever "see" you on paper.

#2) Use a condensed marketing flier instead of a resume.

Our attention span is shrinking. If your resume is like a full meal, perhaps an appetizer will be more digestible when you are first meeting your desired employer. This type of document will definitely make the online application system sick to its stomach, so reserve this version for casual networking.

#3) Tweet, text, and connect.

If your desired employer has a culture centered around social media and highly responsive connectivity, then this approach might work.

Know your risks.

With any bold approach, be prepared for it to backfire, because you never know how the receiving party will feel. However, if you feel the risk is acceptable, then why not throw all your chips into the game? The payoff could be huge! You could skip right to the front of the line and straight into your next position.

What are other bold strategies?