2023 Member Books

January 2023  


Learning Negotiation Through Literature. By David Churchman. Published by: Ethics International Press, Inc; First Edition. ISBN: 978-1871891898


Why We Fight: The Origins, Nature, and Management of Human Conflict. By David Churchman. Published by: Publishers UPA; 2nd edition. ISBN: 978-0761861379


Negotiation: Process, Tactics, Theory. By David Churchman. Published by: University Press of America; Second edition; First Edition. ISBN: 978-0819199478


To Seek and To Save. By Darcy D Guyant. Published by: ‏First Edition Design Publishing. ISBN‏:‎ 978-1506908625




A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age. By Thomas Shaw. Independently Published. ISBN: 9798504594248



February 2023


Diplomats & Admirals. By Dale Aubrey Jenkins. Published by: Aubrey Publishing Co., ISBN-13: 979-8986562605


Between Two Shades of Blue. By Mark Clodfelter. Published by: Air University Press, ISSN 9781585663132


Keys to Better Healthcare: A Guide for Patients and Healthcare Professionals. By Dr. Jack E. Lewi. Self Published, ISBN: 9798356207297


Fort Bragg to Hué: A Paratrooper with the 82nd and 173rd Airborne in Vietnam, 1968–1970. By James M. Dorn. Published by: McFarland, ISBN: 978-1-4766-8933-3




Buses Are a Comin': Memoir of a Freedom Rider. By Charles Person. Published by: St. Martin Publishing Group, ISBN: 978-1-250-27419-9



March 2023



Black College Football: The Game That Time Forgot. By Carlos A. Lock. Publisher by Bardolf & Company. ISBN: 978-1-7356502-1-0 and 978-1-7356502-0-3 


Money Chronicle$: A Black Man's Odyssey to Financial Freedom. By Carlos A. Lock. Published by Bardolf & Company. ISBN: 978-1-7356502-3-4


Letters to a G.I. An Intimate Journey from Friendship to Love. By Judy R. Williams. Published by All Wet Publishing, LLC. ISBN: 979-8-9862012-0-7


Government Contracting: Ethical Promises and Perils in Public Procurement, third edition. By William Sims Curry. Published by Routledge. ISNB: 9781032394428 and 9781003349884


Flood Fire And a Superstorm. By Marty Ingram. Published by Outskirts Press. ISBN #978-1-9772-4896-9



HEAVE TO: Second Edition. By Pete Doeber. Published by Square Grouper Publishing. ISBN: 9781533575081



April 2023 



Intercept: The U.S. Navy’s Intelligence-Gathering Ships (“Cold War Spy Fleet”) 1961–1969, 1985–1989. By Daniel D. Bruhn. Published by  Heritage Books Inc. ISBN-10: 0788429027 and ISBN-13 938-0788429027


Queenstown Bound: U.S. Navy Destroyers Combating German U-boats in European Waters in World War I. By Daniel D. Bruhn. Published by Heritage Books. ISBN-10 0788426575 and ISBN-13 978-0788426575


Toe the Mark. By Daniel D. Bruhn. Published by Heritage Books Inc. ISBN-10: 0788424025 and ISBN-13 978-0788424025


Stride Out. By Daniel D. Bruhn. Publisher by Heritage Books Inc. ISBN 10: 0788430114 and ISBN-13 978-0788430114


Advanced Tactics In America. By H. John Poole. Publisher by Posterity Press. ISBN 978-1-7354530-2-6