2021 Member Books

January 2021



Battle Tested!: Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders. By Jeffrey D. McCausland (COL USA RET) and Tom Vossler. Post Hill Press. ISBN: 978-1642934533

Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves: The Inside Story of How a Team of Renegades Broke Rules, Shattered Barriers, and Launched a Drone Warfare Revolution. By Mark Cooter (COL USAF RET) and Alec Bierbauer with Michael Marks. Skyhorse. ISBN: 978-1510720916


The Short Man of Nuremberg. By M. Gilbert Steiner, CHC (CAPT USN RET) ArchwayPublishing. ISBN: 1480832731


Wesselhoeft: Traded to the Enemy 1st Edition. By Adolf "Wes" Wesselhoeft (Lt Col USAF RET) and Shirley Anderson Wesselhoeft. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1725055919

A Life Long Journey to War and Home. By Edward O. Cyr (COL USA RET). Covenant Books. ISBN: 978-1644686317

Patriot, Prisoner, Survivor: An American Family at War. By Henry James Bedinger (CDR USN RET) Montezuma Publishing. ISBN:ISBN 978-0-7742-7785-2

Born Lucky. A Slightly Above Average Soldier's Life. By Bruce T. "Woody" Caine, Ph.D. (LTC USA RET) Self published. ISBN: 978-1649905147


February 2021



Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be. By Oakland McCulloch (LTC USA RET). Skrive Publications. ISBN: 978-1952037108


Moral Imperative: 1972, Combat Rescue, and the End of America's War in Vietnam. By Darrel D. Whitcomb (Col USAF RET) University Press of Kansas. ISBN: 978-0700630066



Silent Night: 26 Years in the Navy: A Nurse's Memoir. By Ann Darby Reynolds (CAPT USN RET). Independently published. ISBN: 979-8582021551.

April 2021



An Introduction and Practical Guide to Interviews and Interrogations. By Carl H Jeanty (CW3 USA RET). Independently Published. ISBN: 978-1719916042

CHALLENGES: Leadership in Two Wars, Washington DC, and Industry. By Harry W. Jenkins (MG USMC RET). Fortis. ISBN:9781937592912

Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters. By Sandra Stosz (VADM USCG RET) KoehlerBooks. ISBN: 978-1-64663-523-8

A Veteran's Guide to Transition: Active Duty to Government Service. By Thomas Braden (CAPT USN) Independently published. ASIN: B08ZVZKBXG


Chariots in the Sky: A Story About U.S. Assault Helicopter Pilots at War in Vietnam. By Larry A Freeland (USA CPT FRM) Publish Authority. ISBN: 978-1954000056