2020 Member Books

February 2020


Another Day In Vietnam. By Keith M. Nightingale (COL USA RET). Casemate. ISBN 9781612007854


The Last Magnolia. By Mrs. Dixie Lee Anderson. Dixie Lee Anderson via Amazon. ISBN 9781703434026

March 2020


Super Squad. By Henry J Poole (LtCOL USMSC). Posterity Press. ISBN 97809818659966 

The History of Maine Railroads. By Charles L Kenny Jr. (MAJ USAF RET). The History Press. ISBN 978-1467145299


Dark Rain. By Dana C Duthie (COL USAF RET). Author House. ISBN 9781728344225



WWII + IV: A Kid's Memories of War and Postwar. By Johan Zwaan (COL USAR RET) Xlibris. ISBN 9781796075977


April 2020


Deadly Neglect: Apathy & Denial vs. Act of God. By Dr. James D Blair (COL USA RET). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 978-1463522049


UNREADY-To Err is Human: The Other Neglected Side of Hospital Safety and Security. By Dr. James D Blair (COL USA RET). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 978-1453635490


High Flight Stories of an Air Force Fighter Pilot. By Lester Romine (COL USAF RET) with Michele Romine Treacy. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 978-1511833448


All Present and Accounted For. By Steven J. Craig (CAPT USCGR RET). Hellgate Press. ISBN 978-1-55571-964-7


First Duty: Presidents, the Nation’s Security and Self-Centered Politics. By Stephen M. Duncan (CAPT USN RET). Independently published. ISBN 978-1677890149


Dead Men Flying, Victory in Vietnam: The Legend of Dust Off: America's Battlefield Angels by MG Patrick H Brady. WND Books. ISBN: 978-1-942475-60-6


Eat Yourself Well With The Reverse Food Pyramid. By Dr. Carl E Fusco (CWO4 USN RET) with Dr. Diana Pengitore. Wheatmark. ISBN: 978-1627875660


We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life. By Mrs. Patricia T Redmond. Outskirts Press. ISBN: 978-1478790587


Undaunted Valor: An Assault Helicopter Unit in Vietnam. By Matt Jackson (COL USA RET). Independently published. 978-1703382648


Blessed in Battle: Unforgettable Memories of God's Miracles in Combat. By Dick Lyle (MAJ USA RET). Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1098012062



A Warrior of Many Faces. By Charles P. Lickson (CPT USAR FRM). LALO Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-70695-396-8


The Gathering. By Roger Porter Denk (CPT USAR FRM). Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1508836896


The Black and White Club: Genesis. By Peter J Bergeron (CAPT USCG RET). BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1543984651


Requiem of a Spy. By Chris Adams (MAJ GEN USAF RET) AuthorHouse. ISBN: 978-1452044330


A Tempest Dawn. By Glenn Ogden (LTC USAR RET). Independently published. ISBN: 9798612507635


Footprints in the Flour. By Mrs. Marilyn J Seymour. Dorrance Publishing Co. ISBN: 978-1645301585



Risen from Beyond. By Leopold Ortiz (Col USAF RET). Xlibris US. ISBN: 978-1984533685


The Big Bay Horse Doesn't Live Here Anymore. By Nell Parsons (Spouse). Amazon. ISBN: 978-1081317164


The B-25 in the Backyard – My Father’s Historic Airplane Sanctuary. By Wally Soplata (LT COL USA RET). McFarland & Company Inc. ISBN: 978-1-4766-8066-8

May 2020



War, Wine, and Walnuts: One Lake County Family's Story. By William L Nelson (CDR USN RET). Mountain States Lithographing. ISBN: 978-0976958444


The ISIS Reader: Milestone Texts of the Islamic State Movement. By Craig Whiteside (LTC USA RET), Haroro J. Ingram, and Charlie Winter. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780197501436


Working Moms How We Do 'It': Maximize Success at Home and Work. By Rojan Robotham (LT COL USAF). New Degree Press. ISBN: 978-1641373562


My Take-Hear Me Out. By Edward M. Brittingham (CAPT USN RET). Independently published. ISBN: 978-0-578-68840-4


The Aviators: Stories of U.S. Army Helicopter Combat in the Vietnam War, 1971-72. By Rex Gooch (1LT USAR RET). Independently published. ISBN: 978-1077296763



The Silver Waterfall: A Novel of the Battle of Midway. By Kevin Miller (CAPT USN RET). Braveship Books. ISBN: 978-1640621152



Reflections of a Small Town Soldier. By Merle Hanson. (COL USA RET) and Mickey Hanson Speck. Independently published. ISBN: 9798614377144


June 2020



Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It. By Dr. Hugh H Bassham (USA CPT FRM). WestBow Press. ISBN: 978-4908-9842-1


History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism, Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology (5 vols.). By Bernie L. Calaway (CAPT USN RET). Authors Press. ISBN: 978-1387737796


Doolie: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of an Air Force Academy 1957 First Year Cadet. By Gene H. Davis (COL USAF RET). Independently published. ISBN: 978-1703128468


Montana During World War 2. By George A Larson (Lt Col USAF RET). Merriam Press. ISBN: 9781678010447



The Silver Waterfall: A Novel of the Battle of Midway. By Kevin Miller (CAPT USN RET). Braveship. ISBN: 978-1640621152


Raptor Bloom. By Thomas M Belisle (Col USAF RET). Luminare Press. ISBN: 978-1-64388-324-3



Mommy! Watch Me. By Diane Diekman (CAPT USN RET). Altruria Publishing Company. ISBN: 978-09708201-4-3