Beyond 100 Veterans: More Stories of Duty and Determination

Beyond 100 Veterans: More Stories of Duty and Determination
Kurt Miller

A century's worth of service can't be contained by a list of standout veterans. There are too many stories of heroism, or of sacrifice, or of ingenuity, or of a trailblazing spirit among current servicemembers alone, much less dating to World War I, to consider.

Thanks in part to the contributions of MOAA members, Military Officer magazine selected the following dozen stories of veterans to supplement the main list. Some are stories familiar from history books, while others involve unsung (or unknown) heroes from throughout the decades. Click on the titles to read more.

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The First Code Talkers You may have heard about Native Americans relaying military communications during World War II. Here's more about their forerunners.

Honoring the Unknown The men who brought an unnamed warrior to his final resting place.

Legendary Leaders Many have led the charge since 1918, but few have had their stars shine this bright..

The Doolittle Raid How an audacious response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor set America on a path to victory.

The Heroes of Midway Sailors, admirals, pilots, codebreakers -- all (and more) had a hand in the pivot point of war in the Pacific.

Battle Off Samar "We are about to go into a fight against overwhelming odds from which survival cannot be expected." 

Military Nurses A century of care and compassion on the front lines.

Military Spouses Recognizing the heroes at home.

The Flag at Iwo Jima The men, and the story, behind this iconic image of victory.

The Pendleton Rescue The ship split in half. The waves reached 60 feet. The Coast Guardsmen went out anyway.

The Mercury 7 America's first astronauts, all military pilots, take aim at a new frontier.

The Discoverer Crew How a fast-acting NOAA crew saved a student from the jaws of a great white shark.  

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