What to Know About the Company BEFORE You Interview

What to Know About the Company BEFORE You Interview
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Do you think a job interview is just an opportunity to give the company a dazzling performance about how great a candidate you are? If so, think again. 

How you engage with interviewers certainly is important, but there is a lot of advance work before you get to that point. Only a portion of the preparation you will do is about you, the candidate: The rest is about the company itself.

Why is it crucial to know anything about the company beforehand -- isn’t that what the interview is for? How and where do you find specific details about the company? Does any of this affect your ability to get an actual offer of employment? Can advance preparation have an impact on your level of satisfaction with the company after you start working for them? This webinar answers these questions and others, exploring what you need to know to position yourself to be as successful as possible in both the interview and in your new role. You'll also have a chance to get your own questions answered.

As MOAA career transition consultants, we work with transitioning servicemembers to help them prepare for their change in career. Understanding what to do and when to do it can be a daunting prospect, whether you are a servicemember preparing to hang up your uniform, a veteran making a change in your civilian career, or a military spouse navigating a career on the move.  

This career development webinar will provide information and advice to help you be as prepared as possible when you meet your prospective employer during the all-important interview.

Join MOAA’s program director for career transition services, Capt. Patricia Cole, USN (Ret), to help guide you toward the next step on your transition journey.

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