MOAA Webinar: Does Company Size Matter?

MOAA Webinar: Does Company Size Matter?
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Some transitioning servicemembers -- and even some veterans seeking career advancement -- believe finding a job with a large, nationally recognized company will yield a better corporate career. The reality is much more complex.
So-called "large-cap companies" (think Fortune 500) do hundreds of billions in revenue each year; you've heard of a lot of them. But mid-cap companies do hundreds of millions, into the low billions, of annual revenue, and you haven't heard of most of them. And small-cap companies and start-ups can do millions of annual revenue ... and you've probably never heard of any of them.
How can you find the right fit for your professional and personal aspirations? MOAA can help: Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from Cmdr. Lee Cohen, USN (Ret), founder of Cohen Partners Strategic Military Placement, on how the size of the company may impact your job satisfaction, compensation, geographic stability, and promotion potential. 
Cohen has been placing people in all sizes of companies since 1989. He will share the feedback and insights he has gleaned from veterans who have progressed through their civilian careers at all types of corporations.
Get trusted advice and let MOAA help you succeed in your next step. Register now and broaden your perspective on whether company size matters and what it may mean for you!


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