Meredith R. Davis

Government Account Partner, BetterUp

Meredith R. Davis

Meredith R. Davis's journey is deeply rooted in a family tradition of military service where every male relative served. Her own commitment to this legacy led her to serve as a logistics officer in the Marine Corps, an experience that laid the foundation for her career.


Transitioning to civilian life, Meredith consulted for Booz Allen Hamilton, then had to pivot to follow her husband's active duty career. While he served and deployed, she undertook critical responsibilities in conducting security clearance background investigations and pre-deployment training.


When her husband's service ended, she pivoted to a social enterprise startup, where she not only facilitated the transition of military members into technology sales but also carved her own niche in the sales domain. She then led global sales for a seed-stage startup venture, and finally found her niche in federal sales, first at Gartner and now at BetterUp. Her current professional goal is to help the workforce at the VA achieve peak performance through well-being.


Meredith's passion for supporting the military extends beyond business into the realm of physical empowerment. As an Israeli-certified Krav Maga instructor, she has taught self-defense to Marines and their spouses and has donated those skills to various nonprofits.


Her dedication to veterans' welfare is also evident in her personal endeavors. Meredith actively participates in trail races, not just as a sport but as a means to raise funds for veterans' float therapy.


Academically, Meredith holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master's in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, reflecting a deep understanding of both military and civilian leadership realms.