MOAA Webinar: Remarriage, Divorce, and Your Benefits

MOAA Webinar: Remarriage, Divorce, and Your Benefits
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Understanding your earned military benefits can be a complicated process. Figuring out how these benefits work when you’ve remarried, or after a divorce, makes an already challenging situation even more complex.


MOAA is here to help: Join our staff financial and benefits experts as we explain how your benefits may change in the wake of these major life events. Topics include: 

  • A detailed, apolitical explanation of the Former Spouse Protection Act
  • Division of retired pay 
  • The Survivor Benefit Program (SBP)
  • The “20/20/20 rule” and what it means for who keeps (or loses) benefits
  • What benefits continue (or don’t) after a divorce
  • Requirements for continuing or ending benefits upon remarriage


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