MOAA Webinar: Understanding Your Social Security Benefits

MOAA Webinar: Understanding Your Social Security Benefits
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Social Security provides retirement benefits and disability income to qualified beneficiaries and their spouses, children, and survivors. Understanding how this federal program works is vital not only to your retirement planning, but also so you can maximize your benefits and make sure that your loved ones are taken care of.
Join Lila Quintiliani, MOAA’s program director for Financial and Benefits Education/Counseling, and special guests Tim Grie
b and Rebecca Ortiz, Social Insurance Specialists for the External Affairs Team of Social Security Administration’s Office of Communications, as they cover: 

  • Social Security Benefits, including the differences between Social Security Disability Insurance and VA Disability Compensation.
  • Dependent Benefits, including those for your spouse and/or children, as well as survivor benefits.
  • Online Tools, such as mySocialSecurity.
  • Fraud Prevention, including how to avoid falling victim to Social Security-themed scams.

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