MOAA ROTC/JROTC Awards Program

May 2022 Update: We’re happy to announce the NEW ROTC/JROTC Medals, including U.S. Space Force, are now available for purchase in the MOAA Store. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this difficult process. ROTC and JROTC certificates and certificate holders are also available in the MOAA Store. Please click here to place your order today.

The MOAA Junior ROTC (JROTC)/ROTC awards program recognizes an outstanding cadet or midshipman in his or her next-to-last year in the program who has demonstrated exceptional potential for military leadership (exceptional academic achievement in the case of the Marine Corps JROTC [MCJROTC] program.) The medal cannot be used for any other purpose. All military services officially have approved the medal for presentation. Visit the MOAA Store to purchase ROTC/JROTC medals.

The presentation of an MOAA ROTC/JROTC medal and certificate (there are distinct certificates for the ROTC and JROTC award) is an excellent way for chapters to gain exposure in their community and, at the same time, foster a positive military recognition among the youth of the community. Accordingly, it has always been the desire of national MOAA that the medals are awarded by a local chapter and not the national organization. The program, however, is entirely voluntary, and no chapter is obligated to give awards.

Award Description

The typical award consists of a red, white, and blue ribbon 13/8 inches wide with a bronze disc pendant 15/8 inches in diameter and a matching service ribbon (these items are in a presentation case) and also a certificate of presentation and folder.

To be eligible for an award, a candidate must

  • be in the next-to-last year of an ROTC or JROTC program;
  • be in good academic standing;
  • be of high moral character;
  • demonstrate a high degree of loyalty to the unit, school, and country; and
  • demonstrate exceptional potential for military leadership.

Eligibility requirements for MCJROTC are a little different. A candidate must

  • be in the upper 10 percent of his or her high school class;
  • have an A average in MCJROTC academic subjects;
  • be assigned to a cadet “officer” billet; and
  • be nominated in the junior year.

No more than one award may be presented each year in any one JROTC or ROTC unit; no individual is eligible to receive the award more than once. The recipient is to be selected by the individual’s unit commander, who will coordinate the selection and presentation with the local MOAA chapter.

Certificates and Awards

MOAA medals, certificates, and certificate holders are available through the MOAA Store. Certificates and certificate holders purchased through the MOAA Store are embossed with gold foil seals. 

Chapters also have the option to customize and print digital certificates for ROTC and JROTC presentation purposes. (Note: Forms updated March 5 to address printing issues.)

In the event there is no MOAA chapter in the vicinity of a ROTC/JROTC unit, or the nearest chapter is not able to sponsor the award, a unit commander may customize and print a certificate using the links above. If a local chapter does not sponsor the award, the unit commander can designate a person, preferably a member of MOAA from the local area, to make the presentation.