2022 Communications Awards Application

Criteria and Instructions

Councils and chapters will have the opportunity to submit their Communications Award applications via a web-based portal. The portal will have a range of questions covering objective scoring and subjective scoring, and an extra credit section and will include up to two categories that councils and chapters will be eligible to submit: (1) Print/E-Newsletter and (2) Website


After the submitter has answered all of the questions, he/she will be able to upload one 2022 newsletter at the end of the nomination portal.


Evaluation Criteria

Councils/chapters will be evaluated on both objective and subjective criteria. A panel of judges will verify your answers using information and submission materials you provide. As a reminder, this is a look back on 2022 achievements.


1. Objective scoring — Print/E-Newsletter

  • Submitter must indicate the page number

2. Objective scoring — Website

  • Submitter must indicate location on website