Director’s Notes: Committee Module Tool


Happy New Year!


I am excited about what’s in store for councils and chapters in 2018. Some significant events are occurring this year, beginning with the implementation of the Committee Module. This tool will facilitate officer and membership roster updates. Council and chapter leaders now will be able to view the national MOAA database and update their membership rosters.


Here’s what you need to know:


  • Council and chapter presidents and membership chairs will receive an email by Jan. 5 with a detailed user’s guide on the Committee Module. It is a step-by-step instructional guide on accessing the database.
  • Access is limited to two leaders per chapter. Presently, access is defaulted to council and chapter presidents and membership chairs. If your chapter has designated another position to process rosters, please contact us immediately at to make the adjustment.
  • The tool will go live Jan. 8.
  • To remain eligible for a monetary incentive, the deadline to update your membership roster through the Committee Module is March 1, 2018.


If there are any questions, feel free to contact us.


I look forward to our journey in 2018!

— Col. Terri Coles, USA (Ret), senior director, Council and Chapter Affairs