Quarterly Recruiting Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 chapter recruiting program second-period (July 1­–Sept. 30) award winners! A $250 incentive is awarded to each council whose chapters recruit 40 or more new monetary-incentive chapter members, and independent chapters that recruit at least 10 new chapter members earn a $100 incentive to help recognize their recruiting efforts.

Second-period 2017 chapter recruiting program council winners:

Florida — 63

Texas — 70

Second-period 2017 chapter recruiting program independent chapters winner:


Minnesota Chapter — 31

As a reminder, the third and final 2017 already is underway as of Oct. 1 and will close Dec. 31. To help you track the progress of your recruiting efforts, we will continue to post a weekly 2017 chapter recruiting update to our website on Fridays. View chapter-recruiting resources, sign up new chapter members, and check out your results via the chapter-recruiting tracker at www.moaa.org/chapterrecruiting.