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MOAA Corporate Council 

The MOAA Corporate Council constitutes the corporate and organizational arm of the MOAA Heritage Society and provides year-round brand recognition to corporations and organizations making significant annual contributions in support of MOAA Foundation-funded programs. Visit to learn more.

*Founding member of the MOAA Heritage Society

Advocates ($50,000+)

Democracy Fund

Express Scripts*



Voya Financial

Supporters ($25,000-$49,999)

Goldman, Sachs & Co.*

Friends ($10,000-$24,999)



Quad Graphics*


MOAA Heritage Society

The MOAA Heritage Society represents the highest MOAA Foundation contributor giving level and offers year-round recognition to a special group of MOAA Life Members, councils and chapters, and other individuals demonstrating extraordinary, multi-year support of MOAA Foundation-funded programs. Society members receive a distinctive pin and special recognition at all MOAA events. Visit to learn more.

*Founding member



(Individual: $10,000 a year for five years; chapter or council: $5,000 a year for five years)

COL Patricia A. Turner Dupuis, USA (Ret), and COL Donald R. Dupuis, USA (Ret), in memory of LCDR Donald A. Turner, USN*

COL Arville L. Hickerson, USA (Ret)*



(Individual: $5,000 a year for five years; chapter or council: $2,500 a year for five years)

Lt Gen Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret), and Laura Atkins*

Professor William S. Benninghoff*

Gen Charles “Tony” Robertson, USAF (Ret), and Brenda E. Robertson*

VADM Norbert R. Ryan Jr., USN (Ret), and Dr. Judy Ryan*



(Individual: $1,000 a year for five years; chapter or council: $500 a year for five years)

Ark-La-Tex (La.) Chapter*

Austin (Texas) Military Officers Association of America*

CAPT Henry Vaughan Belcher, USPHS (Ret)

Col Paul A. Bergerot and Mrs. Bergerot

LTC Travis L. Brann, USA (Ret), and Margaret L. Brann*

RADM Richard A. Buchanan, USN (Ret), and Amy Buchanan

Lt Col William F. Bussman, USAF (Ret), and Karen D. Bussman*

Lt Col James D. Carson, USAF (Ret), and Marty Carson*

Col David R. Casteel, USAF (Ret), and Marilyn S. Casteel*

Central Virginia Chapter

Col Robert G. Certain, USAFR (Ret), and Robbie L. Certain*

Regina D. Chavis, in memory of Capt James C. Chavis II

Col Gary E. Clark, USAF (Ret), and Michele Z. Clark*

CPT Mark Comstock, USA*

Michele Vonnegut Costello*

COL Gerald L. Crews, USA (Ret), and Andrea Crews*

LTC Juan M. Crockett, USA, and Dr. Rochelle L. Crockett*

Col Maureen Cunningham, USAF (Ret), and Lt Col Ronald C. Cunningham, USAF (Ret)*

CAPT Theodore L. Daywalt, USN (Ret), and Belinda Daywalt*

Maj Chad Dean, USMC (Ret), and Valerie Dean*

Col Dan Donovan, USAF (Ret), and Diane S. Fulton

ADM Walter F. Doran, USN (Ret), and Virginia B. Doran*

LTG John A. Dubia, USA (Ret), and Maureen V. Dubia*

COL Dale F. Ellenburg, USA (Ret), and Mary Ellen Ellenburg*

Alan English and Janice Rowley

LTC Charles H. Ertell Jr., USA (Ret), and Irene E. Ertell*

CAPT Alan B. Flanagan, USN (Ret)*

Florida Council of Chapters*

1st Lt John J. Glenn, Jr., USMC (Ret), and Bettye Glenn

COL Jeri I. Graham, USA (Ret), and COL Edward D. Baisden, USA (Ret)

Col Carol L. Hattrup, USAF (Ret)*

Val P. Hawkins*

Lt Col Gerald W. Haynes, USAF (Ret), and Judy P. Haynes*

LTC Harvey R. Haynes, USA (Ret)

RADM Jesse J. Hernandez, USN (Ret), and Margaret S. Hernandez*

ADM Jerome L. Johnson, USN (Ret)*

Col Neil K. Kanno, USAF (Ret), and Faith Kanno*

COL Joseph A. Kurata, USA (Ret)

CAPT Robert E. LaGassa, USN (Ret)*

LTC Leo A. Le Bel, USA (Ret), and Theresa B. Le Bel*

Lee Coast (Fla.) Chapter*

RADM Martin W. Leukhardt, USN (Ret), and Miloslava K. Leukhardt*

Maj Gen Joseph G. Lynch, USAF (Ret), and Patricia G. Lynch*

CDR Rex A. Maddox, USN (Ret), and Patricia A. Maddox*

Maj Gen R.C. Marr, USAF (Ret), and Sherry Marr*

Lt Col Edward L. Marvin, USAF (Ret), and Ruby Y. Marvin*

CDR Thomas D. Mathews, USN (Ret), and Sue S. Mathews*

Col Mary J. Mayer, USAF (Ret)

Maj Gen Kay C. McClain, USAF (Ret)*

Col John C. McCoy, USAF (Ret)*

RADM Thomas J. McGinnis, USPHS (Ret), and Linda Dubroof McGinnis, J.D.*

Col Daniel F. Merry, USAF (Ret), and Teresa Merry

Lt Gen George D. Miller, USAF (Ret), and Barbara A. Miller*

RADM Edward Nelson Jr., USCG (Ret), and Joyce L. Nelson*

Col Robert W. Norman, USAF (Ret), and Nancy R. Norman*

Gen Gary North, USAF (Ret), and Shelley North

Col James W. O’Brien, USAF (Ret), and Noriko O’Brien*

CDR Earl L. Oliver, USN (Ret), and Claire E. Oliver*

LTC Lawrence D. Petrash, USA (Ret), and Paula A. Petrash

Maj Howard J. Pfeuffer, USAF (Ret), and Cuc T. Pfeuffer*

Katherine E. Ponds*

COL Michael J. Rogers, USA (Ret)*

CAPT Timothy G. Schaefer, USN (Ret), and Denise Schaefer*

Col Charles C. Scheuermann, USAFR (Ret)

GEN Walter L. Sharp and Joanne Sharp

COL Joseph A. Simonelli Jr., USA (Ret), and Bettye Marie Simonelli*

CAPT Brian T. Smith, USN (Ret), and Lisa M. Ziehmann*

CAPT Charles N. Starnes, USN (Ret), and Susie Starnes*

COL James A. Thomas III, USA (Ret), and Prince Anna Thomas

Col Donald F. Thompson, USAF (Ret), and Miriam E. Thompson

GEN John H. Tilelli Jr., USA (Ret), and Valerie Tilelli*

Col Michael R. Turner, USAF (Ret)*

Col Charles B. Van Pelt, USAF (Ret)*

LCDR Larry O. Walker, USN (Ret), and J. Gayle Walker*\

CDR Burton “Buzz” J. Waltman, USN (Ret), and Jane C. Waltman*

CAPT Peter B. Welch, USN (Ret)*



(Individual: $250 a year for five years; chapter or council: $125 a year for five years)

COL Roy H. Adams Jr., USA (Ret), Ph.D.*

Alamo (Texas) Chapter

Lt Col Virginia A. Alloway, NC, USAF (Ret)*

LTC Arthur Thomas Alm, USA (Ret)*

LCDR Eric D. Anderson, USN (Ret)

Col James Anderson, USAF (Ret)*

Col John F. Andrews, USAF (Ret), and Vera Andrews*


Col Paul W. Arcari, USAF (Ret), and M. Teresa Arcari*

LTC Gregory A. Bacon, USA (Ret)*

RADM Jonathan W. Bailey, NOAA (Ret), and Cynthia Bailey

CDR Donald K. Bently, USN (Ret)*

MAJ Carl E. Bergsagel, USA (Ret), and Judith Bergsagel

Col David J. Bertholf and Suzanne Bertholf

Maj Norman L. Bessette, USAF (Ret), and Janet G. Bessette*

COL Joseph E. Boling, USA (Ret), and Helen-Louise Boling*

MAJ Michael Bollinger, USA (Ret), and Dr. Lily Bollinger*

Bradenton (Fla.) Chapter*

LTC Gary M. Bratt, USA (Ret), and Shirley A. Bratt*

Annie S. Brock*

Lt Col Jeffrey A. Brock, USAF (Ret)*

Col Michael D. Broderick, USAF (Ret), and Jane C. Broderick*

Lt Col Christopher L. Burnham, USAF (Ret), and Debra C. Burnham*

Capt Franklin L. Bush, USAF (Ret)*

CAPT James Carman, USN (Ret), and Dianne Carman*

BG Joseph C. Carter, USA (Ret), and Rae M. Carter

CDR John J. Chernoski, USN (Ret), and Mary A. Chernoski*

LTC Matthew G. Clark, USA, and Katie Clark*

1LT Richard W. Coffland, USA (Ret), and JoAnn M. Coffland*

Brig Gen Paul G. Cohen, USAF (Ret), and Arlene S. Cohen*

Lt Col James M. Conner, USAF (Ret), and Dottie Conner*

CAPT Dennis M. Corrigan, USN (Ret)*

VADM Michael L. Cowan, USN (Ret)*

Col Richard R. Crawford, USMC (Ret), and Martha Crawford*

June Crouch

Lt Col David T. Crouser, USAF (Ret), and Rosemary H. Crouser

Capt William Sims Curry, USAF (Ret), and Kirsten Curry

Col John W. Dalton, USAF (Ret), and Billie J. Dalton*

COL Charles T. Davis, USA (Ret), and Priscilla Davis*

CAPT Michael J. DeHaemer, USN (Ret), and Judith DeHaemer*

Col Steven L. dePyssler, USAF (Ret), and Gloria dePyssler*

COL Dwight L. Dinkla, USA (Ret), and Brenda E. Dinkla*

CDR Robert T. Douville, USCG (Ret), and Joan J. Douville*

Douglas E. Dubois*

LTC Allen A. Dubuc, USA (Ret), and Janet Dubuc

Maj Gen Charles J. Dunlap, USAF (Ret), and Joy Dunlap

East Iowa Chapter*

Hollace Eaton-Bradfield

CAPT David F. English, USNR (Ret), and Marcia A. English

CDR David E. Farley, USN (Ret), and Dorothy C. Farley

COL Glenn T. Fasanella, USA (Ret), and Angela K. Fasanella*

Lt Col Victor A. Ferrante, USAF (Ret), and Jeanne W. Ferrante

CAPT Edward C. Ferriter, USN (Ret), and Patricia Ferriter*

Brig Gen John L. Finan, USAF (Ret), and Diane Finan*

COL Paul M. Fleenor, USA (Ret), and Ann W. Fleenor

Col Ronald G. Forrester, USAF (Ret), and Dianna C. Forrester

Fort Rucker (Ala.) Chapter*

Ft George G Meade (Md.) Chapter*

RADM S. Frank Gallo, USN (Ret), and JoAnne Gallo*

MAJ John W. Gareis, USA (Ret), and Delores A. Gareis

LTC John O.L. Gilliland, USA (Ret), and Sandra E. Gilliland*

CW2 Ricky C. Godbolt, USA (Ret), and Barbara Godbolt*

Robert J. Grasmuck and Dr. Carolyn B. Radding, VMD*

Greater Baton Rouge (La.) Area MOAA

Greater St. Louis Chapter, MOAA

LTC Ginni Guiton, USA (Ret)

COL C. Richard Guiton, USA (Ret)

LTC Lee J. Harrer, USA (Ret)

CW4 Craig M. Harris, USA (Ret), and Eleanor Harris*

Joyce Harte*

RADM Clare Helminiak, USPHS (Ret), and CAPT Gene E. Carnicom, USPHS (Ret)

CAPT Alvin D. Hersh, USCGR (Ret), and Irma J. Hersh*

CDR Lawrence Heyworth, III, USN (Ret), and Marijo Heyworth

COL Kelly F. Hilland, USAR, and Michael Hilland*

CDR Thomas J. Hoskins, USN (Ret), and Diane H. Hoskins*

LTC Kenneth I. Hunt, USA (Ret), and Susan M. Hunt*

Indianhead (Wis.) Chapter*

Lt Col Deborah L. Johnston, USAF (Ret)*

COL Harvey T. Kaplan, USA (Ret), and Naomi M. Kaplan*

CDR Kevin J. Keilty, USN (Ret), and Elizabeth Keilty*

LT Albert D. Kirwan, USN*

Col Peter K. Kloeber, USAF (Ret), and Lt Col Joyce Kloeber

RADM Leland S. Kollmorgen, USN (Ret), and Dorothy W. Kollmorgen

CDR Patrick J. Kusiak, USN (Ret)*

Col Lee F. Lange, USMC (Ret), and Janet Lange*

LTC Ronald V. Lange, USA (Ret), and Jo Anne Lange

MG Willard Latham, USA (Ret)

Col David L. Lay, USAF (Ret), and Jeanette M. Lay*

Mary Lenerville*

RADM Daniel B. Lestage, USN (Ret), and Helen N. Lestage*

Louisiana Council of Chapters*

MG Robert G. Lynn, USA (Ret), and Janet M. Lynn*

MAJ Robert J. Malin, USA (Ret), and Ann L. Malin

Col Charles L. Martin Jr., USAF (Ret), and Caroline M. Martin*

Maryland Military Officers Association of America*

COL Michael N. Mattia, USA (Ret), and Maria M.C. Mattia*

Mayport (Fla.) Chapter MOAA Inc.*

CAPT C. Andrew McCawley, USN (Ret)

Maj F. Jack McCombs, USAF (Ret), in memory of Deanna Whitaker and Alan Foster

DIR M. Carlene McIntyre, USPHS (Ret), and John R. McIntyre*

Mr. Brenden A. McMahon

CAPT William M. Mickle, USN (Ret)

Middle Tennessee Chapter

Military Officers Association of Sarasota (Fla.) Inc.*

Gertrude J. Miller

Mrs. E. James Mills-Price

Montgomery County (Md.) Chapter*

COL Michael D. Moser, USA (Ret), and Suzanne Moser

COL Ira G. Moss, USA (Ret), and Frances C. Moss

MAJ Glenn M. Mudry, USA (Ret)

COL James A. Mundt, USA (Ret)*

CAPT Jim Murphy, USN (Ret), and Cynthia Murphy

Lt Col Thomas D. Neff, USAF (Ret)*

COL Robert F. Norton, USA (Ret)*

CAPT Stephen F. Nowak, USNR (Ret), and Barbara Nowak

Jane T. Overton

Col Clarence F. Patten, III, USMC (Ret)

CAPT David H. Peterson, NOAA (Ret), and Kathleen M. Peterson*

COL Merle J. Peterson, USA (Ret), and Betty L. Peterson

Col Antonio T. Pimentel, USAF (Ret), and Jill C. Pimentel*

LCDR Clark B. Pollock, USN (Ret), and Janis M. Pollock*

Brig Gen David E. Price, USAF (Ret), and Paula R. Price*

COL Barbara Ramsey, USA (Ret), and MAJ Jim Ramsey, USA (Ret)*

Col Robert J. Rehwaldt Sr. and Miriam Rehwaldt

BG Velma Richardson, USA (Ret), and Billie Richardson*

LTG Randall L. Rigby, USA (Ret), and Carol A. Rigby*

Lt Col Rojan Robotham, USAF, and Kwesi Robotham

CWO4 Charles R. Rogers, USA (Ret)

LTC Laroy M. Rushing, USA (Ret), and Carol N. Rushing*

Col George J. Sakaldasis, USAF (Ret), and Maj JoAnn Sakaldasis, USAF (Ret)

CAPT Jack J. Samar Jr., USN (Ret), and Sharon L. Samar*

CAPT Leonard J. Sapera, USN (Ret), and Eileen W. Sapera*

Maj Carl P. Schwartz, USAF (Ret), and Bonnie Schwartz*

CDR Mark K. Seglem, USN (Ret), and Anne E. Seglem*

LCDR Lyndon R. Shaftoe, USN (Ret)*

LTC Robert F. Smith and Ava M. Smith

Col Ana R. Smythe, USMC (Ret)*

COL Frank J. Snyder, USA, and Louise P.O. Snyder*

Col Covert A. Soule Jr., USAF (Ret), and Iris A. Soule*

Southwest Illinois Chapter*

LCDR Samuel W. Staples, USN (Ret), and Gertrude A. Staples

Star Spangled Banner (Md.) Chapter*

CAPT Alfred M. Steadley Jr., USN (Ret)*

MAJ Terry M. Stephens, USA (Ret)

CAPT William D. Straight, USN (Ret), and Kathleen W. Straight*

Susquehanna (Md.) Chapter*

LTG Guy C. Swan, USA (Ret), and Melanie C. Swan*

LCDR Douglas M. Thompson, USN (Ret), and Vicki L. Thompson*

CPT Jennifer L. Thurston, ARNG*

Lt Col Robert L. Trimpl, USAF (Ret)*

CAPT Peter Troedsson, USCG (Ret), and Julie Wetherill*

Upper Potomac (Md.) Chapter*

COL Anthony L. Vydra, USA (Ret), and Betty K. Vydra*

LTC Suzanne Walker, USA (Ret), and MAJ Thomas L. Walker, USA (Ret)*

CAPT Carl E. Weiscopf, USN (Ret), and Charlene Weiscopf*

Maj John T. Whitman, USAF (Ret), and Suzanne Whitman*

CDR Neldon V. Whitty, USN (Ret), and Kathryn Sue Whitty

Lt Col Gary Wilkins, USAF (Ret), and Nada Wilkins

LTC Henry G. Williford Jr.

CDR David L. Windle, USN (Ret)

LTC William D. Wolfinger, USA (Ret), and Linda A. Wolfinger*

Col Cherie Zadlo, USAF (Ret), and Richard Pullen*

LT Henryk B. Zaleski, USN (Ret), and Lisbeth M. Zaleski*

LCDR Robert L. Zalkan, USN (Ret), and Kaye T. Zalkan*

LTC Ronald G. Zola, USA (Ret), and Susan A. Zola*