Victoria Twyne

Program Manager, Council and Chapter Affairs

Victoria Twyne

Victoria Twyne earned an Associate’s degree in Business Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources.

Twyne started her career as an office manager at a special education high school for students diagnosed with conduct disorders. After obtaining a certificate in Computer Software Applications at TESST Technology Institute, she decided to move into the nonprofit sector where she became an Administrative Assistant at MOAA. She has worked in the Council and Chapter Affairs Department since November 2000.


While working in this department, Victoria quickly developed her skills in Data Technology and was promoted to Data Support Technician. As she continued to develop further skills in the Council and Chapter Affairs department, she was promoted to Chapter Affairs Specialist, and ultimately became the Program Manager in January 2019.

Career Highlights

  • Consistently provided feedback for an “all electronic” affiliate system
  • Developed instructional guides to assist chapters with facilitating special programs
  • Fostered and streamlined processes and provided feedback on goals met