Robert Lennox

Multimedia Producer

Robert Lennox

Bob Lennox grew up in New Jersey and Virginia. He received his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Virginia and studied advertising, design, and photography at Syracuse.


Lennox served as a creative director for Madison Ave. advertising agencies with clients including Clairol, Smuckers, AMEX, and GQ. He ran his own boutique creative shop in New York with Cartier, AT&T, Agfa, Sony, Fuji, and HP as clients. Lennox then became vice president of creative marketing for an international software company based in Germany. As the creative director for Gannett Governmentt Media for over 10 years, he oversaw the production of about 1,000 advertising, collateral, trade show, special event, subscription services, and video projects per year. Just prior to joining MOAA in March, 2017, Lennox served as the creative director for Defense and Aerospace Report. He was instrumental in launching the start-up with Vago Muradian.


Lennox also taught advertising and design as an adjunct professor and judged many international design competitions. He has received almost 100 awards in advertising, design, video and photography. He received GGMC’s Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award for Design and Innovation. As painters, Lennox and his wife, Hope Gibbs, were profiled in a feature article in Artists Magazine.