VA Benefits

Coaching into Care

If you know a veteran reluctant to receive the mental health care that they need, please consider using this resource provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


An eReader With No WiFi?

Think about it. You’re on a Naval submarine for months at a time, with no room for entertainment, your friends and family are hundreds or thousands of miles away back home, and you don’t even have Internet What are

Transition and Career

Business Tax Series-Introduction

After one of the most rewarding careers serving your country, are you are you looking for a nice quiet retirement job? Do you like the idea of low responsibility? Do you like the idea of a steady

Transition and Career

Choice of Partnership Equity

Some people looked at the previous post, and said “Wow, that seems to be right for me ” You might be wondering what is the next step? Before going on to the next step,

A Tribute to Military Moms

Guest Author Catie Warren I was raised in a military household. The daughter of a soldier, my story is a carbon copy of many who came before me and many more who will

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