When you watch this video, you’ll see why MOAA is the most influential military service organization and, if you are an officer, why you should be a part of it.

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Why MOAA? One organization for every officer at every stage of life.

  • Advocacy
  • Career Resources
  • Military Benefits Support
  • Personal Finance Support
  • World-Class Products
  • Spouse & Family Support

MOAA members understand what it means to lead: taking responsibility for the welfare of others – for our troops and their families, for their survivors, and for those who will follow in our footsteps. When you become a member, you’re joining a community of officers who share this understanding. However, to make the biggest impact, numbers count.

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“MOAA provides me with a direct voice to Congress. … My membership matters because I make the organization stronger, which makes our voice stronger." – First Lieutenant, Army National Guard

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