Storming the Hill 2018

  • MOAA members share big moments from Storming 2018.
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  • Marine grunt in Congress urges other veterans to run for public office. (Photo Credit: Mike Morones)
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  • MOAA members storm Capitol Hill to fight for servicemembers' pay and benefits.
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  • MOAA recognizes six award recipients for their outstanding support of the military community.
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  • Help MOAA advocate for the military when we Storm the Hill. Get up to speed on the issues we'll take to Congress this year.
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  • Vantage Mobility Int'l CEO recognized for his commitment to Wounded Warriors.
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  • Service-minded Hill staffer is determined to take care of veterans.
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  • Starbucks CEO to be recognized for employing veterans and military spouses.
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  • Former A-10 pilot brings the fight for servicemembers to Capitol Hill.
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  • This marine grunt went to Washington to advocate for veterans.
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  • Arizona congresswoman recognized for putting veterans first.
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Stop Reducing Pay for Medical Retirees

An unfair law places a financial burden on servicemembers unable to complete 20 years of service through no fault of their own. Meet some of the dedicated servicemembers forced into early medical retirement by Chapter 61.

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Take Action: Send a message to your elected officials

  • Chapter 61 Retirees

    End the deduction of service-earned retirement pay to offset VA disability compensation for those servicemembers whose service-connected, non-combat related disability retirement under Chapter 61, 10 U.S.C. precluded them from serving at least 20 years.

  • Military Pay Raise

    Sustain military pay increases comparable to civilian sector wages and salaries.

Read about the issues, MOAA's position and recommendation.

  • End the Pay Reduction for Medical Retirees - PDF Download

    Medical retirees were unable to complete their 20 years of service through no fault of their own and should have their retirement and disability pays computed the same as those who retired with 20 or more years of service

  • Military Pay and Benefits Matter - PDF Download

    MOAA's one-page talking paper on supporting the men and women who serve with adequate compensation and benefits.

  • Eliminate the Widows Tax - PDF Download

    Current federal law requires survivors of deceased military members to forfeit part or all of their Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity when they are awarded the VA's Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). This loss of any portion of the SBP annuity is known as the widows tax. For approximately 67,000 military survivors, the widows tax makes SBP the only insurance that you pay into but are legally prohibited from collecting.

  • Military Beneficiaries Forced to Pay for Readiness Costs - PDF Download

    Military beneficiaries recently experienced unexpected increases in TRICARE fees. These increases resulted from DoD's unilateral decision to change its fee schedules from a percent-of-cost model to flat-rate fees. These structural fee changes disregard the intention of the 2017 NDAA, which prescribed current military members, veterans, and families of both were to be grandfathered from health care cost-share increases. In addition to the noted changes below, the chart on the reverse shows how the new fees raise costs for families.




Participating Stormers

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