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Top Military Advocacy Association for the Past 14 Years


The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is taking a stand in Washington on behalf of our active duty and veterans exposed to toxins, military children kicked off TRICARE, and servicemembers and their families struggling to put food on the table. As an officer, it's likely these issues may impact those you know or who are under your command.

Since 1929, we have been advocating for the rights and hard-earned benefits of officers, servicemembers, veterans and military families. Support Advocacy in Action and protect what you’ve worked so hard for by becoming a BASIC MOAA member — it’s free!




To make our voice even louder on Capitol Hill, join MOAA as an annual PREMIUM member for 10% off. In addition to supporting our advocacy, you’ll receive career and financial counseling, members-only discounts and savings, scholarship and loan eligibility, and publications keeping you up to date on the legislative victories and issues that matter to you—all for less than $4 a month! 



If we won’t stand up for our American heroes, who will?