We protect the earned benefits of all servicemembers.

And we improve the lives of those who serve.

Because together we have more influence in Congress.

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Since 1929, MOAA’s greatest mission has been to protect your earned military benefits. Through tireless advocacy, we’ve forged a legacy of success benefiting the entire military community. 

Passing the historic Post-9/11 GI Bill

Blocking disproportionate TRICARE fee increases

Repealing COLA cuts for retirees 

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BASIC Member Benefits

  • Advocacy for Servicemembers

    The more members we have, the more influence we have on Capitol Hill.

  • Legislative News and Chapters

    We keep members up to date on the latest legislative news, as well as put them in contact with fellow servicemembers. 

  • Transition, Financial Assistance, and Discounts

    You’ll receive help transitioning into the civilian world, not to mention financial assistance, and a variety of travel and entertainment discounts. 

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An Ambitious Agenda

Goal Target Representation

An Ambitious Agenda

  • 1. Protect military health care benefits and address barriers to accessing care within the MHS, including TRICARE. 

  • 2. Maintain pay raises and adequate BAH for troops, as well as cost-of-living raises for retirees. 

  • 3. Protect family support programs, and ensure military-provided services (houses, PCS, child care, youth programs, financial counseling) are readily available and meet standards for quality and costs. 

  • 4. Improve survivors' benefits. 

  • 5. Work for concurrent receipt of service-earned retirement pay and VA disability pay. 

  • 6. Achieve equity of benefits, protections, and administrative support for Guard/Reserve members consistent with their active-duty counterparts. 

  • 7. Protect the MHS pharmacy benefit and achieve flexibility in TRICARE pharmacy copays. 

  • 8. Sustain Veterans Health Administration (VHA) foundational missions and services. 

  • 9. Reform the presumptive process to support veterans claiming service-connected disabilities for toxic exposures. 

  • 10. Protect full military honors and burial at Arlington National Cemetery for those who are currently eligible. 

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