Transition and Career

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Even 500 years ago, people were taking advantage of forms of social media to get their message across — Martin Luther posted on doors and created pamphlets and woodcuts to attract and share his idea of

Health Care

Changes to the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP)

Couple of recent legislative changes were passed regarding SBP. Beneficiary change from “Former Spouse” to current “Spouse” If you were required to designate a former spouse as your SBP beneficiary due to a divorce court order, this may

Transition and Career

Career Change Courtesy of Uncle Sam

New place, new people, and oh no — not a new career? Such is the life of a military spouse. Sometimes, our careers have to be modified according to the opportunities available at

Military Officer Magazine

Water Scarcity/Security

Water scarcity poses an immediate risk to our national security and shapes future military missions.

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