Military Interest

2017 Veterans Day Discounts

Many restaurants, businesses, and attractions are extending their thanks to veterans and active duty military personnel by offering deals and discounts on Veterans Day and throughout the weekend. FOOD AND DINING

Transition and Career

Companies Pledge to Hire Military Spouses

On Oct. 2, the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) inducted 48 new organizations into the public private partnership established as a DoD program in 2011 as part of the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative.


Portfolio Allocation Management

The TSP has six investment options and average 401ks have dozens. How and when do you know what to pick? How you structure an investment portfolio is critical to either wealth accumulation or preservation.

Health Care

Making the Health Care Decision at Age 65

Age 65 is a time of decision employer health plan and or Medicare Tricare known as Tricare for Life (TFL)? At age 65, Tricare coverts to a Medicare supplement plan and becomes TFL. Tricare Prime and Select are not


5 Tips for a Successful PCS Move

Getting ready for your next military PCS move? A little organization and planning can go a long way to ensuring an easier and less stressful move for all members of your family. Consider these five tips


Disaster Preparedness 101

We like to assume MilKids are ready for anything. All of those household moves have made them pretty resilient, after all. However, having an emergency supply kit on hand will ensure they’re prepared for any scenario,

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