Does a TRICARE Supplement Fit Your Family?

Does a TRICARE Supplement Fit Your Family?
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When it comes to your health care, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. TRICARE offers generous coverage, but it was never designed to cover everything.


That’s why there are different types of TRICARE supplement insurance plans designed for military families under age 65. But which plan is best for you? It depends on several factors: 

  • Where you receive your medical care
  • If you have any ongoing medical issues
  • Whether you want to help protect against big medical expenses or if you want more comprehensive coverage for routine care, too.


Most TRICARE supplement insurance plans fall into these three offerings:  


1. Inpatient & Outpatient TRICARE Select Supplement

These plans are the most comprehensive, and they can help cover many out-of-pocket expenses once any applicable TRICARE deductibles are met. You’ll get help with TRICARE copays, cost-shares and covered excess charges for most routine doctor visits and extensive health care services, including surgeries and hospital stays. 


Note: Excess charges are when your TRICARE-authorized doctor charges you more than what TRICARE allows. If your doctor does, you’re responsible for the “excess” amount, up to 15% above the TRICARE allowed amount.


This supplement may be ideal if you (or a family member) have a medical condition that requires frequent doctor visits or ongoing prescriptions. However, premiums are generally higher than other types of TRICARE supplements.


2. Inpatient-Only TRICARE Select Supplement

Inpatient-Only supplements help pay cost-shares and covered excess charges when you’re hospitalized but does not provide benefits for routine doctor visits or ongoing outpatient care.


If your budget can handle the TRICARE co-payments for outpatient medical care, this option can be a good back-up plan to help protect your finances against higher cost-shares and excess charges associated with a hospital bill. Because these types of plans aren’t picking up the cost for routine care, premiums are often more economical.


3. TRICARE Prime Supplement

These supplements can help to virtually eliminate your out-of-pocket costs by paying TRICARE Prime copays for outpatient care, hospital stays, emergency care, medical supplies and more. This may be ideal for busy families who are often juggling multiple expenses.


If you’re using the TRICARE Prime Point of Service (POS) option, a TRICARE Prime supplement may also help pay the cost-shares and any excess charges once your POS deductible has been met.


Choosing a TRICARE Supplement That Fits Your Family

Many military organizations and companies offer TRICARE supplements, including MOAA, who has been endorsing supplements for members for over 50 years. MOAA’s MEDIPLUS® TRICARE Supplement Insurance Program is for members and their families under age 65 and works with your TRICARE coverage to help reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses. Whether you’re on active duty, in the Guard or Reserves, retired, or looking to switch from a civilian employer plan, MEDIPLUS offers a TRICARE Supplement for you.


For more information about MEDIPLUS, click here or call 1-800-247-2192.


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