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Top 10 Tips for Creating a Military Résumé

As military officers prepare to transition into second careers, use these 10 career tips to create a military résumé that is easy to read and understand.

Translating Your Skills for a Post-Military Career

Military skills and experiences don't always translate to the civilian world. It's important for veterans to carefully tailor their résumés for a career after the military.

Connect Your Way to a Post-Military Career

Veterans don’t have to fly solo on their journey to post-military career success. Tap into the network of established career coaches you’ve been developing without even knowing it.

Insider Advice for a Successful Post-Military Career

Career experts and veterans who now serve as top executives offer tips for transitioning servicemembers.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning Guide

Whether you're debating the merits of a career-starter loan or shopping for annuities, MOAA wants to help make these financial decisions easier for you to understand. In this publication, our staff experts discuss numerous situations and, for our PREMIUM and LIFE members, provide further counseling on issues discussed in the guide and additional topics not covered.

Real Estate

Whether it is a condo, townhouse, duplex or single family home, real estate is typically the largest single investment most Americans make during their lifetime. While the joys of homeownership are many, the buying and selling process can be stressful and fraught with hidden pitfalls. 



Want to Improve Your Heart Health? There’s an App for That.

Check out these apps to help you understand, track, and change your cardiovascular health.


MOAA Blogs

Financial Frontlines

MOAA offers you timely advice on smart money moves, common pitfalls in retirement, college planning for kids, estate and insurance planning, maximizing your military benefits, and more!

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Find out about discounts, products and events for servicemembers and their families here. Looking for a funny or heartwarming video about the military? Yeah, we have those, too!


MOAA’S LinkedIn Career Networking Group

Share and learn career-transition best practices with 30,000+ military professionals and participants.