MOAA Webinar: Evaluating Employee Benefits

MOAA Webinar: Evaluating Employee Benefits
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Prior to serving, most veterans never had to evaluate an employee benefit package. What is a 401(k) retirement plan? How do I replace my SGLI? For retirees, should I use the company’s health care plan or stick with TRICARE? What factors should I be thinking about during this monumental transition? 


The salary negotiation process is unlike any other formal negotiating you might have done, such as with cars or homes. Moreover, your conduct during the negotiation process will directly affect your relationship with your future employer. The employer wants you to be happy, but it is up to you to understand your options and to articulate effectively the things that will give you the greatest professional and personal satisfaction

Want to learn more? The course will cover: 

  • The value of your TRICARE benefit 
  • Composition of employee benefits packages
  • Preparing for salary/benefits negotiation
  •  Evaluating the salary/benefits offer
  •  And more! 


Join Capt. Paul Frost, AFC®, USN (Ret), MOAA’s program director for financial and benefits education/counseling/veteran services, for expert guidance.


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MOAA’s Virtual Career and Transition Toolkit

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