Certifications and Credentials: Make Yourself More Marketable

Certifications and Credentials: Make Yourself More Marketable
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As a transitioning servicemember or military spouse contemplating workforce re-entry, certifications and credentials can give you a leg up on your peers and make you more competitive with civilian counterparts, who are already working in and seeking career advancement in their chosen industry and sector. Unsure how to get started? Join MOAA and a panel of industry-leading experts to learn more about:

Making the Cut. When employers are reviewing résumés, having your certifications and credentials can help you score the interview opportunity.  Then, when making a hiring decision between qualified candidates, having certifications and credentials related to your targeted civilian career can be a powerful difference-maker or tiebreaker. 

Talking Money. Your certifications and credentials may put you higher up your employer’s salary band. Use them to your advantage during salary negotiations – it’s estimated that new employees take a little over three months to contribute to their employer’s bottom line, and you should be rewarded for having the training to cut that time significantly. For veterans and military spouses already in their second career, certifications and credentials can help you with internal promotions, negotiating a pay raise, and possibly even a landing performance bonus.  

Being Smart. Don’t get certifications and credentials just for the sake of getting them – rather make sure the qualifications are ones your employer will truly value.


Joining MOAA for this special event will be experts from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, the Veteran Project Management Mentoring Alliance (VPMMA), and PM-ProLearn, a veteran-founded project management training company, to get the real story on the value of certifications and credentials and which ones carry weight, offer credibility, and make your more marketable in your desired industry and sector. Speakers include:

  • Josh Atkinson, PMP, DML; Business Strategist, PM-ProLearn; Prosci Certified Change Manager; Marine Corps veteran

  • Eric "Doc" Wright, Ph.D., CM; co-founder, VPMMA; Navy veteran

  • Kenneth Mayes, Employer Relations Manager, Syracuse University Institute for Veterans & Military Families (IVMF); Army veteran


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