Apprenticeship: Building the Next Generation of Workers

Apprenticeship: Building the Next Generation of Workers
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Before the onset of COVID-19, 68% of companies already had invested in reskilling and upskilling training to handle changes within their organization. Another 65%  had invested in training employees on new technologies. Over the last few months, a reported 43% of companies stepped up their upskilling/reskilling efforts due to the outbreak.


In these challenging hiring times, your best path to keeping pace may be leveraging current employees who already have operational experience at your company in addition to recruiting external candidates, particularly those with current or prior military service. 


Apprenticeships are an ideal way to provide that training. Employers can customize apprenticeship programs to their needs and integrate them seamlessly into their current training and HR development strategies.


Companies are seeing the value of taking advantage of the candidate market that's available within their own companies and through traditional recruiting methods. Apprenticeships help capitalize on that value quickly ... and with government-provided support.


Join MOAA and FASTPORT as we host a panel of subject-matter experts to learn where your best opportunities exist. We'll focus on the importance of apprenticeship to the next generation of workers, and to our nation’s economic strength, while pointing out how you can play an important role in the recovery.


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fastport logo black.pngABOUT FASTPORT: FASTPORT Inc., is a veteran employment software development company that builds digital products to help all members of the military community find meaningful employment and apprenticeship training. Using its proprietary technology, FASTPORT is committed to matching military job seekers to employers actively hiring from the military community.