Community Involvement

Find new ways to get involved in your local community, or post your great idea here so others can benefit from it!

Become a Chapter Legislative District Liaison
Help MOAA increase its legislative clout by establishing relationships with your congressional representatives and members of their staffs.

Honor Flight - A Most Honorable Mission
The National Honor Flight Network has a goal of bringing every World War II and terminally ill veteran in American that is willing and capable of getting on plane or a bus to visit “their” memorial in Washington, D.C. You can help.

Help Establish Cemetery Support Committees
The National Cemetery Administration is looking to establish a Cemetery Support Committee to assist in steering events at our New National Cemeteries.

Make an Impact in Your Community
MOAA chapter members are making an impact at the local level by starting and running community service projects. Here are 10 ideas for projects your chapter can start.

Establish a Scholarship Through MOAA
Learn how (and why) chapters and councils can establish a scholarship with MOAA.