Recruiting Materials

To help with your recruiting efforts, we have provided tools and materials for your use. Also included are frequently asked questions, program awards and incentives, success stories and instructions on how to work your potential-member lists

Chapter Recruiting Awards and Incentives
Review incentives for councils, chapters, and individual recruiters

Online Chapter Membership Dues Join and Renewal
This new online chapter membership dues collection tool has been created to help assist with chapter member joins and renewals. National MOAA is pleased to provide you with this opportunity to collect your chapter membership dues at no cost to your chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to your questions about the Chapter Recruiting program here. 

How to Recruit Chapter Members - Tips From the Field
Learn effective recruiting strategies from chapters successful in recruiting new chapter members

How to Work Recruiting Lists
Find out how top recruiters/membership chairs work their potential-member lists effectively. 

Reporting of Chapter Member Gains
Report your new chapter member gains online as part of the Chapter Recruiting program.

Membership Application/Brochure (PDF)
The BASIC/PREMIUM/LIFE Member Brochure is a printer-friendly version and is suitable for downloading and printing from your computer. You can request hard copies of all forms and brochures by contacting  the MOAA member Service Center by calling (800) 234-6622 or emailing Please be sure to identify your chapter and the name of the requester.

Chapter Advertising 
This year MOAA is making available two chapter ads suitable for placing in your local newspaper as a way to increase chapter awareness in your community.