Designated Scholar Society

The Designated Scholar Society recognizes those who have contributed $25,000 to $99,999 to the MOAA Scholarship Fund, either in a single donation or over time.

Estate of Mrs. Ann Adams
Estate of LTC Ernest C. Allnutt, Jr., AUS (Ret)
American Legion - Tampa, FL
LtCol Ervan L. Amidon, USAF (Ret) and Elinor Patton Amidon
Estate of Lt. Charles G. Andert, USN (Ret)
Ark-La-Tex Chapter of MOAA
Estate of Mrs. Betty J. Arnold
Nancy A. Atkin
Estate of Mrs. Franc R. Ayers
Julia Baker Nursing Students Scholarship Fund
Estate of Mrs. Elfriede Ball
Barnes Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Rettig P. Benedict, Jr.
Mary W. Beresford
CDR Howard R. Berlin, SC, USNR (Ret)
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Borden
Estate of Mrs. Arietta Bostain
Estate of LTC John J. Bradley, AUS (Ret)
Estate of LCDR Arthur A. Briggs, USN (Ret)
Lt Col John J. Briggs, USAF (Ret)
Col John W. Burdan, Jr., USAF (Ret)
Estate of CWO4 William F. Burks, USNR (Ret)
Estate of Lt Gen and Mrs. John J. Burns, USAF (Ret)
Mrs. Colleen S. Buskirk
Estate of Mrs. Caroline Carroll
LCDR Ralph D. Catoe, USN (Ret)
Estate of CDR Cora L. Chandler, USNR (Ret)
Col Eric Chase, USMC (Ret) and Mrs. Carolyn N. Chase
Estate of Mrs. Billye Clark
Mrs. Joy G. Collins
Mr. Dale Comey and The Comey Family Foundation
Estate of COL Robert W. Cook, USA (Ret)
Estate of Lt Col and Mrs. Addis L. Dauber, USAFR Ret
Col Jacob Deboer, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Ena M. Dehm
DeLong - Sweet Family Foundation
LTC Dante C. DeMio, USA (Ret)
LTC Joe M. Dietzel, Jr., USA (Ret) and Rosalie H. Dietzel
CDR Douglas J. Donohue, USN (Ret)
Mrs. Elizabeth Driscoll
Estate of Lt Col Rachel Duncan, USAFR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Margaret Duttweiler
Estate of Mrs. Anita V. Eakin
Estate of Mrs. Naomi K. Eggan
Mrs. Rosalie B. Erie
Estate of COL William H. Fairchild, USAR (Ret)
Col David M. Falk, USAF (Ret) and the Ida C. and Morris Falk Foundation
Estate of Mrs. Mildred L. Feeney
Estate of Mrs. Evelyn C. Fickessen
Estate of Lt Col William H. Finley, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Margaret W. Foley
Fort Campbell Chapter
Fort Rucker Chapter
Forward Air Controllers Assoc
Estate of Mrs. Frances B. Fowler
Estate of MAJ Hugh R. Fredin, USA (Ret)
LTC and Mrs. John W. Fringer Jr., USA (Ret)
Estate of LTC Carroll H. Gardner, USAR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Edith M. Gardner
Estate of CW4 Joseph J. Gasko, USAR (Ret)
Lt Col Thomas J. Geist, USAF (Ret)
General Dynamics Advanced Infomation Systems, Inc.
LTC David D. Gilpatrick, USA (Ret)
Estate of CW4 George W. Goodin, USA (Ret) and Gwendolyn O. Goodin
Julia A. Gould and Maggie Gould
Estate of CPT Mario Grano, USAR (Ret)
Estate of MAJ Elsie C. Haaker, USAR (Ret)
COL Robert F. Haas, USA (Ret)
Estate of LTC William L. Haas, USAR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Aida T. Hafley
Estate of Mrs. Alyce Pat Hagemeier
Mrs. Jean D. Hall 
Mrs. Richard Hallock
Estate of Lt Col Robert D. Hamilton, USAFR (Ret)
Estate of LCDR J. Nancy Hardcastle, USN (Ret)
CW5 Randy Hansen, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Deborah Hansen
LTC Richard W. Hardman, USA (Ret) and Louise H. Hardman
Estate of Mr. Vernon F. Harkness
Estate of Col Marvin J. Harris, USAF (Ret)
Heart of America (MO) Chapter, MOAA
Heart of Texas Chapter, MOAA
Heartland (CA) Chapter, MOAA
Barbara R. Hedges and the John D. Hedges Family
Heisman Trophy Trust
Estate of Mrs. Martha C. Herberth
LTG Jerome B. Hilmes, USA (Ret)
Estate of Col Peter J. Hoke, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Helen H. Hopper
LTC Sumner Hudson Jr., USA (Ret) and Dr. Wanda Hudson
Estate of Lt Col Robert D. Huffman, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Helen S. Hutchison
Illinois Council of Chapters
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
Estate of Edward E. Iremonger
Estate of Mrs. Harriett B. Jacob
Lt Col and Mrs. Harold Jacobs, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Albert L. Jamison
Estate of LTC George R. Jenner, AUS (Ret)
Estate of Maj John W. Keegan, USAF (Ret)
Kingdom of the Sun (FL) Chapter, MOAA
Estate of CPT Donald R. Kloe, USA (Ret)
Estate of Col Frederick H. Klopper, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Hortense G. Koller
Estate of Mrs. Carolyn M. Kottler
Estate of Mrs. Betty R. Krause
Estate of Mrs. Hisako K Kudo 
CAPT Kenneth F. Lafferty, USN (Ret)
Estate of CDR Lorin R. Lammers, USN (Ret)
Estate of Cornelia B. Lewis
RADM and Mrs. Samuel Lin, USPHS (Ret)
Estate of 1LT George T. Lindsay, AUS (Ret)
Estate of MajGen Earl C. Long, USMC (Ret)
Estate of CAPT Rilla C. Lovell, USNR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Hugh Macmillan
Estate of CWO4 Allen F. Manley, USN (Ret)
LTC Charles D. Marr, USA (Ret)
Estate of LTC Margarete E. Mary, USAR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Bernice B. Maxwell
Estate of Virginia Luella Rubenow McCabe
McCormick Tribune Foundation
Estate of Lt Col and Mrs. Allan W. Meredith, USAF (Ret)
Middle Tennessee Chapter, MOAA
LCDR Carroll G. Miller, USN (Ret)
Col James Chris Miller, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Shirley Miller
Estate of Mrs. Irma B. Mills
Estate of Lt Col Harry A. Mitchell, USAF (Ret)
Estate of COL Harold T. Mooney, USA (Ret)
Morgan Stanley
Estate of CAPT and Mrs. Robert B. Moss, USNR (Ret)
Estate of BG and Mrs. Glenn E. Muggelberg, USA (Ret)
Mrs. Lorraine E. Murphy
Estate of Mrs. Pope Nelson
Estate of CAPT Lois E. Nickerson, USN (Ret)
Estate of Col Jim C. Nissen, USAF (Ret)
Estate of LTC Dalton L. Nordyke, USAR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Helen L. O'Brien
Officers Wives Club and Friends of Long Beach, CA
Estate of Lt Col John N. O'Hara, USAF (Ret)
LTC Jean-Luc Ontiveros, USA (Ret)
Estate of CWO4 Bernard Ostens, USN (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Albert L. Passmore
Patrol Squadron Two Association
Estate of Mrs. Obeua Persons
Estate of LtCol Donald M. Peterson, USMC (Ret)
Estate of Capt James S. Pollock, USAFR (Ret)
Capt Eldon G. Pontius, USMC (Ret)
Estate of Lt Col Elbert W. Proctor, USAF (Ret)
Estate of COL John J. Prybyla, AUS (Ret)
Mrs. Mary Jo Rayburn
Read Partnership
Estate of Julia Reichley
Estate of Mrs. Marcella D. Rhatigan
Estate of Mrs. Leo Richman
Estate of LTC Harold B. Riley, AUS (Ret)
LtCol and Mrs. Leonard W. Riley, III, USAF (Ret)
Riverside March Field (CA) Chapter, MOAA
Estate of Mrs. Wendell Rodgers
Estate of CDR George Ross, USNR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Katherine S. Roth
Estate of ENS Alice E. Rudy, USN (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Bernice R. Sayles
Estate of CPT Anthony Scarafone, USAR (Ret)
Estate of Col Albert H. Schlussel, USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Rebecca L. Schmidt, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Clifford Sheriss
COL and Mrs. Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr., USA
Estate of COL John W. Simpson, USA (Ret)
Estate of Jean Skillin
Estate of Mrs. Mary G. Slear
Estate of Mrs. Karine R. Smith
Estate of COL and Mrs. John J. Snyder, USAR (Ret)
Estate of MAJ Myrtle M. Snyder, USA (Ret)
Estate of CWO4 Carlos R. Soler, USN (Ret)
Southern Nevada Chapter, MOAA
Estate of Mrs. Marian C. Spruill
LTC Ellsworth F. Stein, AUS (Ret)
Maj and Mrs. Joseph E. Stengel, Jr., USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Rosalee Stice
Estate of Mrs. Marie Louise Sullivan
Estate of LTC Sigmund J. Tarvid, AUS (Ret)
Estate of Lt Col Richard L. Tatum, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Col Edwin and Maj Edith Taylor, USAF (Ret)
Estate of CDR Aarne and Mrs. Alta Tervo, USN (Ret)
Estate of COL and Mrs. Richard G. Thomas, USA (Ret)
Estate of COL Beatrice E. Thompson, USA (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Ruth M. Thompson
LTC and Mrs. Creighton Trahan, USA (Ret)
Estate of COL Herman Trop, USA (Ret)
COL and Mrs. Michael Tymchak, USA (Ret)
Virginia Council of Chapters
W Suburban "Chicago" Chapter, MOAA
Estate of Col Herbert Waldman, USAF (Ret)
Mrs. Margaret Wallace
Maj Susan Watson, USAF (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Dorothy E. Weir
Mrs. Leosia Shirley Wentink
Estate of Lt Col Martha J. White, USAF (Ret)
Widgeon Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Mrs. Arabella C. Williams
COL Donald Bruce Williams, USA (Ret) and Domenica Williams
Lt Col Miles K. Wolfson, USAFR (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Judy L. Wolicki
COL William F. Wollenberg, USA (Ret)
Estate of Mrs. Jean P. Woods
Estate of Maj Stephen H. Wurtz, USAFR (Ret)