Maj. Gen. David Glaser, USA

Maj. Gen. David Glaser, USA

Maj. Gen. David Glaser’s Army career includes duties overseeing Army Operations throughout the U.S. and overseas. Executive duties include serving as Director of Emergency Services for communities ranging in population from 20,000 to 150,000; commanding of Correctional/Detention activities worldwide; and advisory duties.

He recently served as the Provost Marshal General of the Army (Policing, Physical Security, Civilian Career Program Management and Security forces) as well as the Executive Lead for Defense Forensic and Biometric activities (Databasing, Labs, Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation). While serving as the Provost Marshal General, he concurrently served as Commanding General, Army Criminal Investigation Command.


Glaser has served as staff lead in positions overseeing personnel, logistics and financial management and has been appointed to duties based on his reputation for innovation, problem solving, and team building. Examples include: re-establishment of the rule of law (police, courts, and prisons) post-conflict in East Baghdad, Iraq (2003-04); correctional capacity building and mission transfer in Southern Iraq (2008-09); Chief of Staff of Army Strategic Studies Team lead for Experimentation and Innovation; and serving as the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Security, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Afghan Republic.


In addition to these highlights, Glaser works regularly with officials across the U.S. interagency and international communities on DoD support of civil authorities (COVID-19, Homeland Security) and counterterrorism issues.


He is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Executive Institute and the United States Institute of Peace Rule of Law Practitioners Course. He serves on the International Chiefs of Police Homeland Security Committee and previously served on both the National Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Committee and the Army Protection Board of Directors.  He is instructor-certified in leadership curriculum, and is the former Director of the Army’s Antiterrorism and Counter Drug Branches.

Glaser is an international presenter for military and elected officials on a range of topics involving leadership, homeland defense, detainee operations, biometrics, and forensics. He is a member of the FBI National Executive Association and International Association of Chiefs of Police, with regular interaction with their directors and key division chiefs regarding defense support of civil authorities. He has written and published on topics ranging from creating an Army Experimentation and Innovation Command (which led to Army Futures Command), combatting international criminal organizations in the Western Hemisphere, advising at the strategic (ministerial) level, and in-transit security.