Some Battles Are Fought at Home.

Join the Fight for Military Rights.

BASIC Membership in MOAA is not only free, but it is essential to the ongoing fight for military benefits.


Premium Membership

You can get full access to everything MOAA has to offer with our PREMIUM Membership. This includes access to the full spectrum of our career resources, financial-planning advice, and all MOAA-exclusive publications and news updates. That’s on top of all the benefits you receive at the BASIC Membership level.

Basic Membership

MOAA's no-fee electronic BASIC Membership gives busy officers the opportunity to experience what MOAA is all about. You'll stay current with our e-newsletters and have opportunities to participate in grassroots activism efforts.

You'll also have the opportunity to take advantage of valuable discounts on products and services and select career transition resources, like career fairs and networking events.

Life Membership

When you become a LIFE Member of MOAA, you make us a stronger advocate for America's military officers. You also make a lifetime investment for you and your family. As a LIFE Member, you’ll receive exclusive privileges and benefits, like bonus travel rewards and a waiver of initiation fees at the prestigious Army and Navy Club of Washington, D.C.


Why Should I Join?


More Than an Association, MOAA is a Family of Officers.

  • MOAA is a military family, 380,000 strong.
  • MOAA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that supports military officers at every stage of life — active duty, second career, and retired.
  • MOAA is your voice on Capitol Hill for the benefits promised to you for your service and sacrifice. The BASIC Membership is your opportunity to be part of that voice.

Powerful Knowledge — From Officers Just Like You.

  • MOAA offers a wealth of information — generations of officers are here to help make you the best officer you can be.
  • MOAA connects you with an online community of officers just like you.
  • MOAA delivers a wide range of informative e-newsletters and publications.

MOAA — Leading the Fight to Protect Your Benefits.

  • MOAA has a proven track record in legislative advocacy — going directly to Congress to fight for your rights as an officer. For example, MOAA led the charge in passing the historic Post-9/11 GI Bill.
  • We need your voice for our plans for 2015 that will directly benefit you:
    • ensuring military pay remains competitive with the private sector and preserving housing compensation;
    • protecting your earned TRICARE benefits against massive pay cuts;
    • sustaining the commissary benefit.

Valuable Products and Discounts.

  • Get big discounts on popular outdoor gear, premium sunglasses, and more.
  • MOAA provides full access to insurance coverage, financial planning, and great rates on a variety of products.
  • Save big on vacations.