Bridge to MOAA National

Check out these programs to help recruit and retain both chapter and national MOAA members.

MOAA's Membership Model
Understanding the MOAA membership model is important to chapter success in the Chapter Recruiting program. FAQs, talking points and general information will guide you.

National MOAA Membership Incentives
The new national MOAA membership model increases the value of membership for all officers. In addition, it helps MOAA to continue growing in the coming years; thereby strengthening our voice on Capitol Hill. Check out these incentive programs to help recruit new national MOAA members. 

Chapter Voucher Program
The new chapter member voucher program provides an incentive for newly paid national MOAA members to join a chapter at no cost. Find out more.

Membership Application/Brochure (PDF)
The BASIC/PREMIUM/LIFE Member Brochure is a printer-friendly version and is suitable for downloading and printing from your computer. You can request hard copies of all forms and brochures by contacting the MOAA member Service Center by calling (800) 234-6622 or emailing Please be sure to identify your chapter and the name of the requester.