Storming the Hill 2019

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  • Why We Storm

    Each year, MOAA members from across the nation gather in Washington, D.C., to meet with lawmakers of all stripes and secure their support for legislation and policies that will benefit servicemembers past and present, and their families. Get the basics, show your support by writing your legislators, and learn more about why we're storming this year:

    Protect Pay and Benefits

    2019 SBP Img

    End the Widows Tax

    2019 Widows Tax
    • HOW IT WORKS: Insurance your family can't collect—the numbers behind the SBP-DIC offset.
    • THE DETAILS: View and download MOAA's position paper.

    Stabilize and Improve TRICARE

    2019 TRICARE
    • THE STORY: Beneficiaries are paying more for their care than most people think.
    • THE DETAILS: View and download MOAA's position paper.

  • Storming Toolkit

  • More from MOAA

    • AWARD WINNERS: MOAA honors lawmakers, congressional staffers, and others who support the mission.
    • CHAPTERS AND COUNCILS: Details on the Presidents' Seminar.
    • SOUND OFF: Visit our Legislative Action Center to contact your legislator on Storming issues, and more.