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Storming the Hill 2014

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Check out the fact sheets MOAA Stormers are leaving with legislators, or take immediate action by sending a message to your elected officials. 


MOAA's 2014 Storming the Hill Brochure

2014 Storming Brochure Cover image - slow the growth  

Slow the Growth - The Train that Left the Station
Uniformed and civilian leaders have created a perfect storm - providing political top cover to slash pay and benefits with repeated, alarming - and noticeably misleading - statements on personnel cost growth.

Download the 2014 MOAA Storming the Hill publication to get the facts.

Take Action

Send a message to your elected officials.
Tell your representatives that you oppose cutting pay and benefits and shifting costs to servicemembers, retirees, and military families.

Printable Fact Sheets

Sustain Military Pay and Benefits (PDF)
The FY 2015 budget submission proposes several significant pay and benefit cuts which are inconsistent with the extreme sacrifices exemplified by the last 12 years of war. These cuts include capping pay below the Employment Cost Index for the second straight year, reducing BAH by 5%, and reducing commissary savings for uniformed service families.

Reject Disproportional TRICARE Fee Hikes (PDF)

DoD has once again proposed four-figure annual health fee hikes for virtually all retirees of all ages, asserting health costs are exploding and unsustainable. MOAA rejects the claims and the fee hikes as wrong. DoD’s own data show the trend in health cost changes is down, not up.

Eliminate Harmful Sequestration Cuts (PDF) 
The Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011 established automatic budget cuts known as sequestration and put America’s national defense capabilities at greater risk. Unless current law is changed, the Defense Department will have to cut an additional $ 54B in FY 2016 and some $269 billion over the following five fiscal years.

Address Remaining Inequities For Retirees, Survivors, and Recalled Guard/Reserve (PDF)
VA disability offset law makes thousands of disabled military retirees, survivors forfeit part or all of their service-earned retired pay or SBP to fund their own VA disability compensation. 



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