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Storming the Hill 2013

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MOAA is Storming the Hill again — and now you can storm alongside us to help protect the benefits the military has earned.

Check out the fact sheets MOAA Stormers are leaving with legislators, or take immediate action (right) by sending a message to your elected officials. 


MOAA's 2013 Storming the Hill Brochure

2013 Storming Brochure Cover image 

A Bargain, Not a Liability 
Far from “rising out of control,” military personnel and health care costs are a relative bargain. These unique military programs are crucial to inducing top-quality people to serve arduous decades in uniform. View the 2013 MOAA Storming the Hill brochure that advocates will be handing to legislators on the Hill this year (PDF).


Get the Facts

Fact vs. Fiction
by Col. Mike Hayden, USAF (Ret), deputy director, MOAA Government Relations For years, Defense leaders told Congress personnel costs are rising out of control and, if left unchecked, will consume the majority of future defense budgets. In May 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously asserted, “Health care costs are eating the Defense Department alive.” 

Printable Fact Sheets

Address Remaining Inequities For Disabled Retirees, Survivors, and Recalled Guard/Reserve (PDF)
VA disability offset law makes thousands of disabled military retirees, survivors forfeit part or all of their service-earned retired pay or SBP to fund their own VA disability compensation.

Reject Disproportional TRICARE Fee Hikes (PDF)
DoD has once again proposed four-figure annual health fee hikes for virtually all retirees of all ages, asserting health costs are exploding and unsustainable.  MOAA rejects the claims and the fee hikes as wrong.  DoD’s own data show the trend in health cost changes is down, not up.

Sustain the 1.8% Military Pay Raise (PDF)
The FY2014 defense budget proposes capping the 2014 military pay raise at 1% -- vs. the 1.8% required by current law to match private sector pay growth.  That would be the lowest military raise in 50 years.  Pay comparability is a fundamental underpinning of the all-volunteer force.  When we’re sending troops to war, it’s wrong to say they don’t deserve the same pay raise as the average American.



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