2017 Storming Materials

Storming Teams & Contact Info
Council Presidents Seminar Attendees    Tab 1 (.xslx)
Council Presidents Schedule    Tab 2 (.doc)
Storming Teams   Tab 3 (.xslx)
Storming Video   Tab 4 
2017 Congressional Offices   Tab 5 (.xslx)
Map of Capitol Hill   Tab 6 (.ppt)
Suggested Letters for Congressional Appointments   Tab 7 (.doc)
Congressional Members and Schedulers   Tab 8 (.xslx)
2017 Key Congressional Committee Members   Tab 9 (.xslx)
Storming Teams Contact Information   Tab 10 (.xslx)
Issue Paper on SBP-DIC Offset   Tab 11 (.pdf)
Issue Paper on Sequestration                  
  Tab 12 (.pdf)
Issue Paper on TRICARE
  Tab 13 (.pdf)