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Relocation Information

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Moving to a new place can be stressful experience for you and your family. However, you can reduce the stress by carefully planning and organizing your move. The following articles contain advice, tools, and checklists you can use as you go through the relocation process.

7 Apps for Military Families on the Move

It’s PCS season again. If you’re navigating another big move — or staring down a temporary separation — let these mobile apps ease the transition process by keeping your family happy, helping you stay in touch, and giving you access to great resources.

Tips For PCSing With Your Pets

Permanent change-of-station (PCS) moves are tough on the entire family. While you’re hustling to box up all your belongings, don’t forget to make sure Fido and Fluffy are ready to travel. Use these tips and resources for PCS moves with pets.

Getting Ready for PCS Season

Summer is Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Season, so you know what that means! Review the top 10 things you should consider when you're getting ready to relocate.

Adopt a Minimalist Attitude Before You PCS

By Mary Miley Theobald - May 10, 2013
It’s a lot easier not to accumulate decades’ worth of possessions than it is to pare them down in preparation for a permanent change-of-station (PCS) move. Put these tenets of minimalism to work, and save yourself and your family some headache and hassle.

Moving Overseas - 10 Things to Know

If you're moving overseas, you can expect to face a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Here are 10 tips that can help make the transition just a little bit easier for the whole family.

Relocating Overseas Checklist

Many of your checklist items will be similar to moving within the Continental United States, but with a few more things to consider.

Moving With Kids Made Easier

Moving, whether you're single or married, is a daunting experience in itself. When children are added to the mix, stress is amplified. Fortunately, military families have great resources to help make the move as painless as possible.

Government Move or Do It Yourself (DITY)?

Do you do a government move, or do you move yourself (DITY)? It’s essential to have a good plan and lots of information when you’re moving your household goods.

Getting to Know Your New Community

Moving is challenging. Start preparing for your move now by gatherine information about your new location, including things you never think about- like the local libraries, Chamber of Commerce and even pet sitters!