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It's smart to have transition in mind as you approach the last few years of your military career. MOAA's Transition Guide: Best Foot Forward offers advice about post-service education, career strategies, and personal matters like household finances and health care options. 

For more in-depth and personalized assistance, become a
PREMIUM or LIFE Member. MOAA’s Transition Center offers PREMIUM and LIFE members the chance to have your resume reviewed one-on-one, a great way to ensure you’re making the best impression.  Other Transition Center services include: 

  • Career fairs  
  • Networking opportunities  
  • Jobs database  
  • Access to on-staff experts  


MOAA’s Transition Center has already helped thousands of officers find rewarding second careers. Join MOAA now and get started on your way.     


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PREMIUM and LIFE members can also call 1-800-234-6622 to request a hard copy in the mail.