President's Currently Serving Advisory Council

2016 – 2018 Applications/Call for Nominations

If you or someone you know wants to make a difference – we want to know!  MOAA President’s Currently Serving Advisory Council is now accepting nominations.  We’re seeking a mix of officers (all ranks) from all seven Uniformed Services, with representation from those currently serving on Active Duty and in the National Guard and Reserve components.  If you’re interested, please submit the application by 31 July 2016 to


  • Only 15 applicants are chosen for representation in the Currently Serving Advisory Council.
  • Detailed knowledge of MOAA’s organization and programs is not a prerequisite for service on the Committee, as staff advisors will assist you in acquiring such knowledge.
  • To ensure a steady flow of fresh ideas and to accommodate other professional commitments the term of service on the Council is limited to two-years.
  • We understand military exigencies may require a member to resign from the Council.
  • The Council will convene every other month beginning in September 2016 at various locations. Members may elect to participate in MOAA’s annual Storming the Hill day that serves to further our legislative initiatives.
  • Additional opportunities to participate in other MOAA sponsored events are strictly voluntary.
  • Council members are not compensated for their service[1], but are reimbursed for their reasonable travel, lodging and meal expenses, as well as those of their spouses, incurred in the discharge of MOAA-related business. This includes attendance at meetings and other duties you may be asked to perform while away from your home, duty station, or regular place of business.
  • To minimize expenses, solicitation for members is limited to commuting distance to MOAA Headquarters in Alexandria, VA with some exceptions.

[1] The Director of the Standards of Conduct Office of the Department of Defense (DoD) advises that, while DoD prohibits senior officers, who sit on boards of directors of private organizations such as MOAA, from accepting compensation for such service, they may accept reasonable expenses.


2014 - 2016 CSAC

Members of the 2014-2016 MOAA President's Currently Serving Advisory Council.