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Chapter Recruiting 2014

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Meeting the membership challenge by helping chapters recruiting more chapter members is a top priority for MOAA. Chapter Recruiting 2014 focuses on chapter membership vice national membership.

Letter from COL. Barry Wright, USA (Ret)

A personal message about Chapter Recruiting 2014 from MOAA's director of Council and Chapter Affairs, COL Barry Wright, USA (Ret).

What is Chapter Recruiting 2014?

Chapter Recruiting 2014 is MOAA’s new nationally sponsored chapter recruiting program. More tools and better information to chapters will help recruit chapter members more effectively.

Recruiting Materials

To help with your recruiting efforts, we have provided tools and materials for your use. Also included are frequently asked questions, program awards and incentives, success stories and instructions on how to work your potential-member lists.  

Retention Incentives

To be eligible for the retention incentive, your chapter must have met both the Mar 15, 2013 cut-off date for the roster submission to national MOAA and meet the upcoming suspense of Feb 1, 2014 for your new roster submission. We created a retention incentive worksheet with amplifying instructions and examples to help you estimate your results.

Bridge to MOAA National

The new national MOAA membership model increases the value of membership for all officers to help MOAA continue growing in the coming years and strengthening our One Powerful Voice®. Chapter Recruiting 2014 was designed to recruit and retain members into our chapter system. Check out these programs to help recruit and retain both chapter and national MOAA members.