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Pay & Benefits

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MOAA recognizes the life of a person who chooses to serve in our military - and the lives of their families - can be complex. Members of MOAA are entitled to one-on-one counseling that can help navigate through these complicated subjects.

Pay Issues

Learn about military pay and other forms of compensation you could be entitled to, such as Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Concurrent Retired Disability Payment (CRDP).

Benefits Issues

ID cards, copies of records, corrections of military records, military burials, and the like. If it's a benefit other than pay, we'll cover it here. Visit our Health section for Tricare information.

Survivor Issues

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Survivors Benefit Program (SBP), and other topics related to the survivor’s life.

Pay & Benefits News

If it’s a hot topic in the world of military pay and benefits information, look here. These are timely articles that cover items affecting benefits you've earned with your service.

VA Claims Assistance

MOAA adapts to meet the needs of those who serve. As military officers we are doing our part to support veterans and their families by adding VA claims assistance to our evolving suite of transition services. We believe that providing this new service is doing right by the military community.

Online Security

Review MOAA's Online Security Center to learn how to identify Internet fraud -- and how to protect yourself.

Tips for Lifelong Caregiving

MOAA in partnership with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and other organizations, have formed a collaborated website to address unmet legal and financial education needs of military caregivers.

Lawyers for Heroes

Next step pro bono legal resources for veterans and their families.