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The purpose of the Roundtable is to expand on previous MOAA forums and efforts over the last 10-years to improve the physical, psychological and well-being of our warriors and their families. Specifically, the Roundtable is an extension of MOAA's annual wounded-warrior and family symposium (WFS) which brings together key leaders in Congress, DoD, VA, and other governmental, and non-governmental organizations and individuals to exchange ideas, collaborate and problem-solve. The Roundtable extends the dialog and outreach from the WFS by providing a venue for more targeted and detailed discussions on topics and issues surfacing from the symposium.

The goal of the Roundtable meetings are to enhance communication in the public- and private-sector, offering key leaders or influencers a forum to generate new insights and help leverage strengths on contemporary, cross-cutting and emergent issues.

  Roundtable Fact Sheet (PDF, 285kb)  

December 2016 Meeting

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April 2015 Meeting

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