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Who we are 
MOAA is the United States' largest veterans organization for active duty, National Guard, Reserve, former, and retired military officers and their surviving spouses. MOAA is a full-service association with two magazines, benefits information, an officer placement service, and lobbying. The association promotes a strong national defense by lobbying for equitable benefits for those who serve and have served their country in military, including health care, pay, allowances, and family issues.

News media work
Because of its size, the issues it works, and the reputation for honesty and responsiveness, MOAA receives many news media contacts from national, regional, and local levels. The staff welcomes those and is used to working with the news media to tell the story about issues affecting the military. We know this because news media reps who have used us as a source call us for help again.

MOAA Experts
Most of the senior people you will talk with were the subject matter experts while they served in the military. They are available to talk with you quickly and without hindrance of any bureaucracy.

When You Call or E-Mail MOAA
While MOAA experts will talk with you directly, MOAA Public Relations is your primary contact. The reason is that if the subject matter expert is not available, Public Relations can find a second or even third expert source. This saves you time if you have a "today" deadline.Contact Us-

Contact MOAA Public Relations at:
Email: pr@moaa.org
Phone: (703) 838-0545/0546 or 1-800-234-6622 Ext. 545/546

Members of the press who wish to be added to our media distribution list to receive MOAA news releases, please contact requestnews@moaa.org