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Legacy Circle

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The Legacy Circle comprises those who have chosen to include the MOAA Scholarship Fund in their estate plans by making a provision for the fund in their wills or trusts. 

Janet I. Ahlgren
Maj Byron W. Anderson, USAF (Ret)
Rebecca M. Anderson
MAJ Robert D. Anderson, USAR (Ret)
Anonymous donor
Betty J. Arnold
Judy Baker
Julia Baker Nursing Students Scholarship Fund
CDR Milton S. Baker, USN (Ret) and Judy Baker
Gratia W. Banks
Helen F. Barnes
Kathleen Barry
COL Donovan M. Beadle, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Verlice E. Beadle
1LT Cecil R. Beggs, USAR (Ret)
Col Dennis D. Behrens, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Loretta A. Behrens
MAJ Joseph Berson, USAR (Ret)
LTC George N. Bissell, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Marilyn P. Bissell
Lt Col Ronald R. Bohrer, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Beverly Bohrer
CW04 Roy S. Boreen, USN (Ret)
Lt Col Karl R. Bossi, USAF (Ret)
Dorothy E. Breitweiser
R.W. Brigeman and Dale and Sandra Slater Family Foundation
LTC John C. Buchanan, USA (Ret)
CW4 Chyde H. Butler, USA (Ret)
COL Jessie W. Bynum, USAR (Ret)
1st Lt Paul J. Cannedy, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Lois A. Cannedy
LTC Donald J. Catron, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Connie Catron
Capt William J. Cavanaugh, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Kathleen A. Cavanaugh
Lenora M. Cho
Geraldine A. Ciezak
Mary L. Clarke
LCDR Wilmot F. Clarke, USN (Ret) and Mrs. Clarke
Col and Mrs. Guy M. Cloud Jr., USMC (Ret)
June M. Cofield
Nancy L. Cormier
MAJ Wesley E. Cranmer, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Arlette B. Cranmer
LTC Arlene M. Cravens, USA (Ret)
Lt Col Edwin L. Curtiss, USAFR (Ret)
CAPT Joseph M. Dallal, USN (Ret)
Ruth J. Dalton
CDR Jamison K. Deuel, USN (Ret) and Mrs. Carol A. Deuel
Col Tony DiNapoli, USAFR (Ret) and Mrs. Anita W. DiNapoli
Lt Col David Dise, USAF (Ret) and Mary Ann Dise
Betty Emanski
Luthare H. Ernst
Mildred L. Feeney
Lt Col John E. Feldmann, USAF (Ret) and Juanita Feldmann
Col John W. Findlater Jr., USA (Ret)
Margaret W. Foley
LT Elmer H. Frantz Jr., USN (Ret)
Capt Joseph Gabriel, USAF (Ret)
Beverly J. Garvin
LtCol Robert L. Goodwin, USMC (Ret)
RADM Russell W. Gorman, USN (Ret) and Mieko D. Gorman
CW4 Theodore H. Grannis, USA (Ret)
MAJ Jacqueline R. Grano, ARNG (Ret)
CPT Mario Grano, USAR (Ret)
Maj Robert L. Haase, USAF (Ret)
Angela Marie Hafer
CAPT John G. Haffner Jr., USN (Ret)
CW5 Randall S. Hansen, USA (Ret) and Deborah Hansen
Col Carol Hattrup, USAF (Ret)
Col Arville L. Hickerson, USA (Ret)
LTG and Mrs. Jerome B. Hilmes, USA (Ret)
Maj Floyd D. Horne, USAF (Ret) and Lucille S. Horne
LTC Sumner Hudson Jr., USA (Ret) and Dr. Wanda L. Hudson
LTC and Mrs. James A. Huffman, USA (Ret)
Maj Angelo M. Inglisa, USMC (Ret)
Helga Ives
LTC Donald J. Ivey, USA (Ret) and Catherine M. Ivey
COL Jimmie Kanaya, USA (Ret) and Mrs. Lynn Kanaya
LT Harold D. Kellogg, USN (Ret) and Margaret J. Kellogg
Suzanne M. Kelly
LTC James H. Kennedy, USAR (Ret)
Martha Kiefer
CPT Constantine L. Lagakis, USA (Ret) and Nalda A. Lagakis
Lt Col Packard Larsen, USAF (Ret) and Patricia F. Larsen
Col William Len, USMC (Ret)
Lt Col Gordon W. Lightfoot, USAF (Ret) and Dorothy E. Lightfoot
Sue Ann Loeb
CAPT William W. Loy, USN (Ret)
CAPT Willard A. Mahaffey, USN (Ret)
LTC James S. Major, USA (Ret) and Joan M. Major
CWO4 Allen F. Manley, USN (Ret) and Mrs. Anita L. Manley
Maj Francis J. McComb, USAF (Ret)
CDR Robert B. McComb, USN (Ret)
CDR John P. McConville Esq., USN (Ret) and Christina McConville
CAPT James W. McKinster, USN (Ret) and Elizabeth S. McKinster
COL Constance E. McQuillan, USA (Ret)
Col Roy L. Meeker, USAF (Ret) and Bette V. Meeker
COL Warren H. Metzner, USA (Ret)
Lieselotte E. Michak
Betty J. Miller
Col James Chris Miller, USAF (Ret) and Mrs. Shirley Miller
Marie B. Miller
Lt Col Hubert H. Monahan, USAF (Ret) and Katherine E. Monahan
CAPT Judy Morales USN (Ret)
Catherine L. Moyers
LtCol John J. Muelhof, USAF (Ret) and Valerie J. Muelhof
COL Nanette B. Mueller, USAR (Ret)
CWO4 and Mrs. Emilio P. Muras, USN (Ret)
Lt Col James O. Murcklen, USAF (Ret)
LTC and Mrs. Charles R. Murphy, USA (Ret)
Lorraine E. Murphy
LTC Thomas B. Murphy, USAR (Ret)
CW4 Calvin J. Myers, USA (Ret) and Dianna Myers
LCDR John David Nichols, USN (Ret)
CPT Robert E. O’Dea, USA (Ret)
Maj John H. Perkins, USAF (Ret) and Peggy Perkins
Obeua Persons
Diane C. Reece
Col Robert W. Relfe, USAF (Ret) and Joan Relfe
Mikki D. Ricker
COL James A. Roosa, USA (Ret) and Kathryn L. Roosa
Col Renee Rubin, USAF (Ret)
Mary Agnes Ryan
Andrea L. Sahlen
Lt Col John H. Samuels Jr., USAF (Ret)
LCDR William L. Schultz, USN (Ret) and Janet Schultz
LT and Mrs. Robert K. Schulz, USN (Ret)
CDR Mark K. Seglem, USN (Ret) and Anne E. Seglem
LCDR Robert Sherman, USN (Ret) and Imgard Sherman
LtCol Frank M. Slovik, USMC (Ret) and Ruth A. Slovik
Lt Col Robert L. Smith, USAF (Ret) and Diane S. Smith
Sally A. Smith
CWO4 Carlos R. Soler, USN (Ret)
Sandra Spalding
MAJ Allan W. Stanberry, USAR (Ret) and June K. Stanberry
Lt Col Jess F. Stanley, USAF (Ret) and Mrs.
Dorothy S. Stanley
Maria-Theresia Steeg
Capt Frederick D. Stice, USMC (Ret) and Rosalee N. Stice
1st Lt Robert W. Stimming, USAF (Ret)
RADM Everette D. Stumbaugh, USN (Ret),
and Susan C. Stumbaugh
CPT and Mrs. Robert A. Thompson, USA (Ret)
COL Herman Trop, AUS (Ret)
Sr. Catherine Trtek, SFCC
Lt Col Leon J. Tucci, USAF (Ret) and Jean Tucci
Col Charles B. Van Pelt, USAF (Ret)
Gen Horace M. Wade, USAF (Ret) and Christine M. Wade
LT Arthur J. Warp, USN (Ret)
LT James M. Webster, USN (Ret) and Virginia Webster
Leosia Shirley Wentink
MAJ and Mrs. Donald J. White, USAR (Ret)
Jenese White
Brig Gen Joseph C. Wilson Jr., USAF (Ret) and Deanna Wilson
Judy L. Wolicki
Cecily Wood
LCDR John L. Woodward Jr., USN (Ret) and Flora Woodward
Col Michael Ziegler, USAF (Ret) and Diane Ziegler